There are 15 types of housemates. Which one are you?

Generally there are 15 types of housemates you’ll encounter at University. Some you’ll absolutely love and gel with instantly, others you’ll want to get as far away from as possible. Which one do you and your friends fall under?

1. ‘The trendsetter’

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-22 at 16.02.45.jpegThis housemate is likely to have more than 10K followers on instagram and spend all their money on the latest fashion trends. Expect to take 100s of photos while they are ‘doing it for the gram’. They may also try to dress you, avoid this at all costs!!

2. ‘The Party Animal’


You’ll never see this housemate say no to a night out. They are fully committed to the nightlife scene and may even be promoting for a popular club / bar. Its good to keep close to this person as they are likely to know all the hot spots and the right people to get you free drinks / VIP treatment. This housemate is likely to have different groups of friends so don’t be offended if they are unavailable from time to time. They are busy being a BNOC and you should take full advantage of this.

3. ‘The Tidy One’


Aka the ‘house complainer’. They don’t like mess and won’t be afraid to tell you about it, even after a heavy night out, expect this person to shout until the house is back to its former glory. Its unlikely they will join in on the partying, instead too worried about the mess it will cause. Don’t leave your crap lying around for this housemate, they’ll chuck anything away in their way.

4. ‘The Joker’

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This housemate brings laughter and jokes to the house. It’s their mission to make everyone laugh but sometimes at the expense of others. Take their tricks on the chin, after all it is funny! They may re-position your bedroom furniture in the kitchen or send your mattress riding the lift up and down, but you’ll never stay mad at them for long. Maybe it’s about time you got them back…

5. ‘The relationship one’

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This housemate is always in a relationship. As soon as they break up with one and you think you’ve got your best buddy back, it’s just onto the next one, so don’t get too excited! They will make excuses not to come out or leave early. You’ll rarely see them and if you do they’ll be joined to their partner. Our advice – get the partner involved, then you’ll have them around all the time.

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