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5 of the best Free things to do in Cardiff

Cardiff being the capital it is, hosts a lot of free entertainment as well as from its natural scenery. Here is a list which compiles some of the best places for a student to enjoy during free time and if money spending were an issue.

1. National Museum

Source: Wikipedia

The museum is probably one of the most interesting and useful for studying as well as to pass the time by. The gallery upstairs is also a must place to visit as it hosts some of the best Welsh painters of the nineteenth-twenty first centuries. The museum is always hosting events and adding to collections, so there will always be new exhibitions to be enjoyed here. It is also somewhere to go with course friends, housemates or even for a date because going around once there is always more to be enjoyed!

2. Mermaid Quay/ Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay
Source: Cardiff University

Mermaid Quay and Cardiff Bay itself are so breathtakingly beautiful locations. It is such a chic and cosmopolitan atmosphere, with plenty to do such as the Welsh Millenium Centre, some of the restaurants along the strip such as Nandos, and Zizzi’s, The Everyman Cinema for the perfect screenings, and the Glee – Cardiff’s first comedy club. Cardiff Bay being such a large waterfront allows for many visitors and has a lot of boat trips and cultural attractions to be enjoyed here, as a student.

3. Bute Park/Roath Park

Bute PArk
Source: Outdoor Cardiff

I couldn’t think of anything more exciting than taking a pleasantry walk along either Bute or Roath in any of the seasons. These parks are very similar but separate sides of Cardiff with Bute being more towards town and Roath being nearer to students-ville known as Cathays. There is so much green space to enjoy picnics, and the landscaped gardens are great for de-stress strolls after a stressful day of uni and working, an amazing place to be creative and take photographs or do exercise- the list is endless.

4. Norwegian Church Arts Centre

Arts Center
Source: City of Cardiff

The Norwegian Church Arts Centre is now a registered charity and a landmark building near Cardiff bay which has such stunning views of the waterfronts and lakes. They also serve great coffees and teas in the cafe, and have the main room and upstairs to take in the old architecture. It encapsulates so much of the history of Cardiff that should be enjoyed, so is a free entry place that should be recommended to visit, as it used to be such an important landmark, and celebrate Roald Dahl, legendary children’s author every year.

5. Barry Island Beach

Source: Barry and District News

Barry Island itself is only a short distance away, whether by train or by bus. The beaches of barry are incredible, and obviously free of charge to enter. I would recommend a day trip to Barry as there is also a pier to endeavour as well as lots of scenic walks. A trip with housemates should definitely be on the cards at some point of the year, as visiting Barry is a must especially as a student and potentially watching lots of Gavin and Stacey!

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