We all love to go out, and there is no doubt that the experience is made all the more exciting when the bar is pretty or unique. Bristol has endless bars which will make you want to share your night with others. But if you are not sure where to begin, look no further as here is a list of the most instagrammable bars in Bristol.

1. Red Light

red light bristol
Source: Red Light Facebook

Address: 1 Unity St, Bristol BS1 5HH

The Red Light is a hidden but golden gem when it comes to finding a bar which will give you that perfect instagrammable pic. With no outside advertisement, the bar is infamous for its entrance being almost impossible to find. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a graffiti covered door and phone box lit up with a neon red light. To enter, you will need to press a button on the payphone and wait for a member of staff to let you in. Posting a picture of this mysterious entrance will certainly create a buzz.

2. London Cocktail Club

Address: 37 Triangle W, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1ER

The London Cocktail Club is a thrilling bar which will stimulate all of your senses. A Peter Pan themed bar, as soon as you enter you are confronted with a luxurious club-like atmosphere playing the latest tunes. All of the booths give a den-like feel and are decorated with bold wall paintings and ornaments such as hanging lavender and a statue of a crocodile. Their cocktail menu is just as fun and match the exciting decorations, with drinks served alongside rose petals, bourbon biscuits and lolly pops. Make sure to go during their happy hours every Tuesday to Saturday for a great deal whilst documenting your whirlwind of a night.

3. Kongs of King Street

Address: 13-15 King St, Bristol BS1 4EF

If you are a big fan of retro games, then you will love Kongs of King Street. The bar stocks a load of retro arcade games such as Street Fighter II, Double Dragon and PacMan – a great ‘prop’ for taking an instagrammable picture. For those of you that fancy a different and more fun night out, Kongs of King Street is a great shout and will certainly bring out anyone’s competitive side.

4. Brozen Bar

Brozen Bar bristol

Address: 43 St Nicholas St, Bristol BS1 1TP

A personal favourite bar which will no doubt turn heads on social media is the one-of-a-kind Brozen Bar. Despite being situated in the city centre, the Brozen Bar is a small bar hidden away amongst the bustling streets and so is easy to miss. The Brozen bar specialises in serving frozen cocktails, with all of their cocktails being mixed with liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees. This means that you can enjoy their drinks in desert form! With many delicious flavours on offer including mint choc chip and passion fruit, it is simply irresistible – both for the eye and mouth.

5. Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Address: Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2PH

If you are a fan of spy films such as James Bond, then you will want to go for a trip to Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The name of this bar certainly gives away its theme – the British secret service. Enter through a plain black door and you are transported to a secret hideaway. The bar’s drinks menu is just as thrilling as it is disguised as a travel guide. Every drink is based on a location in the UK, with one of their most popular drinks being Twister ice-cream themed for Blackpool – what more could you want for an aesthetic drink?!

6. The White Lion Bar

Address: Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4LD

If you want to share Bristol’s beauty, there is no question that The White Lion Bar is an oldie but a goodie. A favourite for many, the bar is iconic for its large terrace which overlooks the Clifton Suspension Bridge and Leigh Woods. If you go when the weather is great, you will even be lucky enough to see numerous hot air balloons travel over the hills and above the city.

7. Grain Barge

Grain Barge Bristol

Address: Hotwell Rd, Bristol BS8 4RU

Another bar where you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes Bristol has to offer is the Grain Barge. Originally a barge dating back to the 1930s, the Grain Barge has become a great venue overlooking the harbour for you to admire the various vibrant houses which Bristol has become known for. Its kitchen also serves only the best of the city’s locally brewed beers and ciders as well as sourcing local produce to offer a fine dining experience.

8. The Coconut Tree

Address: 2 Byron Pl, Bristol BS8 1JT

Although not exactly a bar, we could not miss The Coconut Tree off this most instagrammable bar list. Many of you will probably recognise the restaurant for its amazing Sri Lankan food. However, if you are yet to dive into their drinks menu, you need to because you have been missing out! The Coconut Tree serves the most explosive cocktails. A couple personal favourites are the Wild Bling Ting served in a large ceramic elephant with sparklers, and the Yaka served whilst on fire. There is no denying that that is screaming to be a social media post to make others jealous.

9. Bambalan


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Address: Podium Level, Colston Tower, Colston Street, Bristol BS1 4XE

A rooftop bar is always a good option when it comes to snapping a gorgeous picture. Bambalan easily has one of the best rooftop terraces in Bristol; giving you a panoramic view of the city. With the rooftop being hit directly by the sun, it gives off a relaxing atmosphere. What’s more, to add to the almost holiday feeling, they offer Mediterranean food and tropical cocktails. If you are savvy enough with your camera skills, you might even fool people you have really gone away!