Ever wondered what Urban Dictionary says about your London university? If you didn’t already know, Urban Dictionary is a website where its users can add opinions and definitions to a number of things from slang terms to places and more.
So it turns out that this even applies to universities, some of have more posts than others and some posts are just cheeky. We at Unifresher decided to do a little research to compile a list of these findings, why you ask? Well, because its fun (or interesting at the very least! These are the results…

University college London

 University college London
Source: https://www.study.eu

University College London is one of the highest ranking universities the UK. Its well respected due to it being the 3rd university ever made in England after Oxford and Cambridge.

“UCL is a very cool place. Everyone should worship it”

Well, that’s enough said. The Russell group university is so well respected that it practically already is worshipped by everyone.

Kings College London

Kings College London
Source: www.spaceways.co.uk

Often abbreviated as ‘Kings’ or ‘KCL’, Kings College London is another major university. Their urban dictionary post is incredibly complementary and details the university’s history, being founded in 1829.

Besides that the post hints at a small rivalry between Kings and UCL.


‘I am applying to Kings College London to study Medicine. But why are you applying to UCL? King’s is FAR better! We even have a lion named Reggie, and those half wits from Gower Street have tried to steal him many a time!’

 Fair play, Kings via clearing anyone?

Middlesex University

Middlesex University
Source: https://www.mdx.ac.uk/

Not really much here – only one post talking about how small the university is and how wild their events are

Nothing much really here besides one post talking about how small the university is and how wild their events are. Having previously lived incredibly close to Middlesex’s campus I can attest. Middlesex uni definitely has something going for it.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London
Source: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/

Imperial College London’s post mopes on about how everyone who enrols is a wannabe engineer or investment banker, to make matters worse the comment ends by complaining about the steep grade average needed to be accepted.

Well, you know what they say, if you’ve got critics you’re usually doing something right.

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Source: https://universitycompare.com

“I got to Goldsmiths and are cooler than all you kids.”

I’m sure many would say something similar had they gone to the same university as Damien Hirst. Ultimately the post is several years old and should little relevance to later Goldsmith alummni (probably)…

If any Goldsmith’s goer are reading this what do you think? Do you agree with what Urban Dictionary says about your london uni?

University of Roehampton London

University of Roehampton London
Source: https://www.roehampton.ac.uk/

The university of Roehampton had a mixed review to say the least, their post starts by talking about the uni’s eclectic and aesthetic feel , however this appears to be largely undermined by the campus’ close proximity an inner city estates. Boohoo.

Either way, “Roey” is still largely appreciated as  its students continue to make football(y) chants every year.

“We love Roehampton we do, we love Roehampton we do….”

Why not tell us about what Urban Dictionary says about your London uni?

 Better yet do you have any opinions about other universities and their students? Do tell in the comments below.

This has been what Urban Dictionary says about your London uni. In the end, it will always provide a minimal scope into each uni and is certainly no authority to determine where you apply. Do your research, there are plenty of student forums that you can give you a more in depth understanding such as The Student Room. If you were just here for a laugh we hope you were entertained.