Are you wondering what the best universities in London are? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

London: The UK capital city. Home to the Queen, red telephone boxes, and lots AND LOTS of universities. You may have stumbled across this article as you are deciding (or have already decided-eek!) to study in London. It’s a bold and potentially scary step to move to the big smoke. However, scarier still can be choosing which university to study with- there are almost too many options when it comes to London! 

Enter the Complete University Guide! Universities are ranked by factors including student satisfaction, facilities, and graduate prospects. These league tables are a great place to start the university search.

To make things even easier, we have compiled the best unis in London according to the Complete University Guide, counting down from 10….

10. Brunel University London

Brunel, best universities in London

We start with Brunel,  a leading technology university, based on a stunning leafy campus. It’s an extremely multicultural uni, with 24% of international students from 150 nationalities studying here. 

In terms of rankings, it is 9th overall in all UK universities for research intensity. Essentially, this means the university is constantly innovating its ideas and knowledge.

So, with 10,000-15,000 students all buzzing around campus, I’m sure you’ll find a place here.

9.St George’s University of London

Next up, St George’s is the ONLY university in the UK that shares its campus with a teaching hospital- St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

Therefore, studying a medicine-related degree here would be unique to any other London (or even nationwide!) university. You’d have direct access to the professional environment of the teaching hospital, getting you well prepared for the health industry from day one.

It is not surprising that graduate prospects are rated as highly as 89%!

8. City, University of London

City univeristy, best universities in London

Next on our list of best universities in London is City uni. If you’re environmentally oriented, this is the university for you! It is ranked as the greenest uni in London by People&Planet. 

Furthermore, student satisfaction for City University is at a high 77%, with an almost even mix of undergraduate (55%) and postgraduate (45%) students. Therefore, if you’re thinking about doing an integrated master’s with your undergrad degree or wanting to enter a large community of postgrad students, this seems like a great option for you.

7. SOAS University of London

With 5,000-10,000 students, SOAS embraces diversity.

Additionally, SOAS is rated as 6th in the UK for academic services which expresses just how good the educational teaching and resources will be! For instance, It is ranked as the 7th best UK university for African and Middle-Eastern Studies and 10th best for Asian Studies. 

6. University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London (UAL) best universities in London

This uni is HUGE with 18,000 students! But this will not mean you’ll get lost in the crowd as this university specialises in performing arts, fashion, and art and design. So, if you consider yourself a confident and unique person, then University of the Arts London may be your calling!

In terms of facilities, UAL has six libraries and three learning zones- all with specialist services and library collections- what a great academic environment to be engaged in.

5. Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University London

Following on, this stunning campus-based uni, Queen Mary University of London boasts innovation and has a strong centrality on research.

In fact, graduate prospects are at a high 79%. Queen Mary ranks in the top ten UK unis to study Medicine, Dentistry, and Law. So, if you’re considering any of these courses, this uni is a great choice for teaching quality and further into the future, a graduate job. 

4.Kings College London, University of London

Following on, Kings college London is not only another large university (25,000 students!) but one of the UK’s oldest unis.

In fact, the staff-student ratio is rated at 6th overall in the UK. This means you’ll get the focus and attention you need from lecturers to perform at your best academically. Plus, culturally and socially, you’d be based in the heart of the city. Living the dream!

3. UCL (University College London)

Did you know that UCL was the first English university to welcome students of any religion and social background as well as women? It’s unbelievable to think now as females actually make up the majority of the student population at 60%!

In fact, it ranks as the 3rd in best universities in London, and 8th best in the UK. If this hasn’t already drawn you in, then maybe the vast array of facilities and the balanced student life will! Just check out their website or The Complete University Guide for more.

2. Imperial College London

 Imperial college London

Next up is Imperial. In fact, this uni is rated as the UK’s first university in… (large breath in) graduate prospects, research quality, AND academic services spent. 

Not only is it one of the best universities in London; it’s the best UK university for several courses including Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, and Medical Technology and Bioengineering. WOW. Just wow.

1.London School of Economics and Science, University of London

Last but definitely not least… London School of Economics and Science.

LSE is the only UK uni focussed on the study of social sciences and it’s the 3rd best uni in the UK!

With just over 10,000 students, you’re sure to get all-star academic teaching here. Also, over 75% of students are international so you’ll meet people from across the globe and learn so much from people’s rich and varied cultural experiences.


There’s your run-down of the best universities in London for 2022! Before you go, a few final tips:

Firstly, we’d really recommend visiting London to get a feel for the city before choosing to study here.  Also, check out more info on university websites and on The Complete University Guide for specific courses and more ratings. 

The search for a university can be daunting, but ultimately, it’s an exciting experience. Once you’ve chosen your university, you’re one step closer to freedom, fun, and friends for life.

So, to all university seekers, I wish you luck!

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