Whatever the nature of your work, whether that be studying or working a casual 9-5 job, we all need to spend at least 20 minutes of our day out in the open. Not only does it help you to de-stress, but fresh air also provides you with the nutrients that are needed for the day. There is no better way to do this than to visit your local park. They are culturally rich, fresh with greenery and most importantly, free to visit. If you’re paying a visit to or you already live in Leeds, you are in luck. Below are the best parks to visit in Leeds.

1. Roundhay Park

Location: Mansion Lane, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 2HH

Roundhay Park
Source: Wikimedia

Roundhay Park is one of the largest parks in Europe.  Covering over 700 acres of land, Roundhay Park is one of the most popular attractions in Leeds, with nearly a million people visiting the park each year. It includes two big lakes, one of the best places to have a quick picnic. For the kids, the park offers two major playgrounds with built-in climbing frames, slides, swings. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and slightly dangerous, the park also has a skate park. Now if you get tired (or if you are just plain lazy like me), the Park has its own personal train. Running regularly every 15 minutes, the train can take you from one side of the park to another. It only costs £1.50 for one way, or you can buy a return ticket for £2.00. Why wouldn’t you jump on for a ride?

2. Wharfemeadows Park

Location: 1 Farnley Lane, Otley, LS21 2AB

Wharfemeadows Park
Source: Wikipedia

Another brilliant location to visit if you’re looking for a few hours of escape is Wharfemeadows Park. Enriched with green trees and meadows, this is the perfect location to go to with your friends and family. The lake is home to many ducks and swans, so if you have a packet of bird seeds lying around, take it with you. It may just make their day.

3. Golden Acre Park

Location: Otley Road, Bramhope, Leeds, LS16 8BQ

Golden Acre Park
Source: Wikipedia

Another great park to visit in Leeds is Golden Acre Park.  This is the golden park of Leeds (see what I did there). With its picturesque lake, the park holds up to 20 different plant species as well as its very own demonstration park which follows horticultural trends. The display house in the park has also been transported into a planted, rocky outcrop and a scree bed which depicts a dry temperature region. I’d say it’s a perfect place to capture your selfies.

4. Horsforth Hall Park

Location: 21 Hanover Square, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS3 1AP

Horsforth Hall Park
Source: Wikipedia

This is one park with many attractions. This includes large spaces of open parkland, a cricket pitch, a bowling park, a bandstand (anyone can play here, apart from one direction) and a Japanese formal garden. For the children, it also has a specially designed playground for under-eights that allows both disabled and able-bodied children to play together. And finally. It has its own giant sandpit so bring along your buckets and spades (I was talking to the children…).

5. Woodhouse Moor

Location: Woodhouse Lane, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS6 1SJ

Woodhouse Moor
Source: Wikipedia

Woodhouse Moor often referred to as Hyde Park, is the second most popular urban park in Leeds and cannot be missed. This is a formal park which is the perfect spot for family picnics, BBQs or just a casual get together with your friends. A great feature of this park is that there are two open areas known as the Monument (or Upper) and the Cinder (or Lower) Moors which are used for a variety of events such as circuses and sporting matches.

6. Meanwood Park

Location: 92-96 Green Road, Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4LT

Meanwood Park
Source: Wikimedia

Meanwood Park is rich with the remnants of the industrial heritage of the area. This includes adventure-friendly woodlands, aesthetically pleasing streams and breath-taking meadows. A stunning location to add pictures into your camera roll. Not only that the park, has its own valley trail, nature reserve and park cafe. For those Michael Jordans out there, the park also has its own basketball court.

So, the next time you’ve got a day off or just simply bored, come down to the many parks in Leeds and enjoy the facilities they have to offer, take in the magnificent view and escape.

Last Updated on June 24, 2024