Ever thought about what the cost of living and studying in London is for students? You wouldn’t be the first, the capital city has everything and more, encompassing elite universities, lively clubs and exciting activities. There’s a million things to do in London – imagine it and London has it. A lot of students dream of studying in London, but how much does it actually cost? Depending on who you ask London can either be absurdly expensive or ridiculously cheap! This article will give you a brief rundown of typical expense such as accommodation, learning resources, food and even travel.

Let’s get started.

How are you going to finance this?

If you truly want to study in London you’ll need to figure out how you’ll afford everything. Your maintenance loan will be useful here but every little helps.

Consider asking your parents/ carers for assistance, looking for scholarships and bursaries and even getting a part time job. Unless you’re an international student, pursuing study in the UK costs £9,250 per year. While London costs the same as every other uni, there are other expenses you need to be aware of.


When thinking about how much is cost of living in London for students, you’ll need to factor in food. Buying food monthly will set you back approximately £101 if you study in London. This however does not include eating out at fast-food joints or restaurants.

While saving money is important, don’t forget to eat healthily. Living off Indomie noodles and eggs might seem like a good now but you’ll probably regret it later.

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One way to save money as a uni student is to keep an eye out for good deals, like where to get 2-4-1 cocktails in London. Click the link to discover a few cool places to drink for cheap!

Going out

how much does it cost to study and live in london

Socialising is simply a part of the university experience. This includes everything from going out clubbing to enjoying some of the many activities London has on offer with your friends. You can expect to spend around £60 a month going out.

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There’s also plenty of free things to do in London, as well as free things to do at night, which makes living in the city a bit more affordable.


how much does it cost to travel around london as a student

Studies show that students general spend around £60 per month travelling. This price is worth it when considering how effective the TFL is. You can generally get all over London in about an hour using the numerous buses, trains and even trams available. If you’re travelling a lot, it could be worth getting the student oyster 18+. 

It probably isn’t the best idea to take an Uber everywhere or to eat out constantly, space them out.

If you do care about saving money here why not try out cycling? It’s also a good way to stay fit. You can find and plan your cycling routes in London easily here.

Learning resources

how much does it cost to study in london?
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Generally, most students will pay just under £20 per month on learning resources although this isn’t always the case. Depending on your degree you may be required to purchase more or less.

Unifresher tip:

Don’t be afraid to use the resources available for you at your university (I mean you’re literally paying for them). Check your university library and online resources. Check your required reading lists early if you want a chance and booking them first.


how much does it cost to study in london?
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Earlier we said that London’s prices vary and this is definitely the case when finding accommodation.  Choose your location wisely to ensure you aren’t spending too much. Most students will spend around £210 to £240 per week for rent.  This doesn’t include household bills though, £70 should cover your gas and electric, water, broadband (this is an important one) and more.

It can also be a good idea to check the prices of accommodation on campus as you might find better prices. You’ll find the best lettings early so get on it ASAP.

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Remember London can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. While there are some unavoidable costs so long as you’re practical and budget properly you can study in London no problem. We’ve got more useful tips on how to go about managing monthly finances if you’re studying in London to keep costs low.