The student oyster card 18+ is a discounted travel card that is available to full-time students over the age of 18 who are studying in London. This card is a great option for students who need to travel frequently in London, whether that’s by bus, tram or the underground. Find out more about the 18+ Student Oyster card, including information on the cost of the card, how to obtain it, and how to use it to save money on your daily commute. Whether you’re a new student just arriving in London or a returning student looking to save money on your transportation costs, the student oyster card 18+ is a valuable resource for any student studying in London.

How much can you save with an 18+ Student Oyster card?

The card provides a 30% discount on adult-rate Travel cards and Bus & Tram Passes for the academic year. That’s almost a third of all public transportation, which – given the price of getting around London – could save you a lot!

How much does an 18+ Student Oyster card cost?

The cost of the card is £20 for administration fees. The card can be valid for up to three years while you’re studying, which works out at £6.66 a year.

Is an 18+ Student Oyster card worth it?

is a student oyster card worth it?

This is generally dependent on how much you travel, but at only £20 for three years, most agree the student oyster is worth it. The benefits of a student oyster include 30% off travel cards, which include 7 day travel cards, monthly travel cards and yearly travel cards. It also gives you discounted bus and tram passes.

Importantly, the student oyster will only give you 30% discount on travel cards and seasonal passes, not pay as you go! So if you’re the type of student who doesn’t like to plan in advance, the student oyster may not be as beneficial!

Limitations and restrictions of the Student Oyster Card

The 18+ Student Oyster Card, while offering significant benefits, does come with certain limitations. Firstly, the card’s discounts are primarily applicable to Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes, offering a 30% reduction in costs. However, it’s important to note that these discounts do not extend to Pay As You Go (PAYG) fares. This means that if you’re using your Oyster card on a PAYG basis, you’ll be paying the standard adult rate, just like with a regular Oyster card.

Comparing PAYG and travelcards for students

When deciding between PAYG and Travelcard options, your travel patterns play a crucial role. PAYG is more suitable for students with irregular travel schedules or those who travel infrequently. It offers flexibility as you only pay for the journeys you make. On the other hand, Travelcards are more cost-effective for students who travel frequently, especially if their daily commute covers multiple zones. The 30% discount on Travelcards can lead to substantial savings over time. Therefore, if your daily commute involves extensive use of the transport network, opting for a Travelcard with the Student Oyster Card would be more beneficial financially.

Alternatives to the 18+ Student Oyster Card

For students in London and other cities, there are several travel discount options besides the 18+ Student Oyster Card. Many cities offer their own versions of student travel cards, providing similar benefits. For instance, in cities like Vancouver, student fares are often discounted, and some universities include a free transit pass as part of the tuition, encouraging the use of public transportation.

In addition to specific student travel cards, there are also general travel deals and offers that students can take advantage of. Websites and platforms dedicated to student deals often list various discounts on travel, holidays, and transport, which can include savings on train tickets and flights. Furthermore, some cities offer free bus services or discounted tickets to help students make their money go further.

It’s also worth exploring options like railcards, which can offer significant savings on train travel. While these might not be exclusive to students, they can still provide substantial discounts that are beneficial for student budgets. Each city or region may have its own unique set of travel discounts and schemes, so it’s advisable for students to research and compare these options to find the best fit for their travel needs and financial circumstances.

Overall, the 18+ Student Oyster can be a great way to save money on daily commuting in London. However, you’ll most likely reap the benefits if you plan ahead and buy weekly, monthly or yearly passes. Find out how to apply in our step-by-step guide. Now that you’ve got travel sorted, take a look at our tips on managing out the rest of your student finance while living in London.