It’s that time of year. The days are starting to get longer, and we have been sitting waiting to watch Lord Alan Sugar tell someone, anyone, that they’re FIRED! But who’s in the running this time? Here’s everything we know about the cast of the Apprentice 2022.

Stephanie Afflek

Stephanie is a 28-year-old owner of an online children’s store. She is from Kent, and describes herself as an “East London girl” with a “no-nonsense sort of work ethic”, claiming to have “grit [and] determination”.

She’s on the show to look for funding and ways to take her designer childrenswear store ‘Little Fashion House’ even further. She thinks, with Lord Sugar’s help, she could make a difference in the world of children’s fashion!

Shama Amin

Withdrew in Week 3


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41-year-old Shama is the owner of a children’s day nursery. She’s from Bradford and is a mother of five. She described herself as loyal, determined and outspoken. In interviews, she spoke about “being a lady of colour, wearing a headscarf” and wanting to be “a living example for the Asian women and South Asian women out there”.

Unfortunately, Shama had to withdraw in the 3rd week due to health issues.

Sophie Wilding 


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Cheltenham lass Sophie is a 32-year-old business owner. She owns a boutique cocktail bar where she puts her previous experience as a saleswoman to good work. According to Wilding, “failure is not an option”!

Sophie is looking to renovate her bar, and by the sounds of it, will do anything within her power to succeed.

Nick Showering


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London-based Nick is a 31-year-old finance manager. The qualified accountant wants to make a name for himself in the world of refreshments, with his own line of flavoured water. He hopes this business adventure will take him out of the ‘shadow’ of his family’s business.

Nick plans to “kill them with kindness” and work his way to winning Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment.

Navid Sole

Fired in Week 3 


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Navid Sole is a 27-year-old pharmacist from London, and is, above all, a Nicki Minaj superfan! He went onto the show with the hopes of starting a successful pharmacy business with Lord Sugar’s help. But, despite claiming that “nothing intimidates [him]”, he was fired from the show in the 3rd week.

Kathryn Louise Burn 

Another fashionista, Kathryn is a 29-year-old owner of an online pyjama store. She’s from Swindon, and has worked in a fair few fields before settling down as a business-owner. Kathryn is very ambitious and hopes that her pyjamas will one day be “worn by everyone”!

She has said she’s on the show to win and not to make friends, and that whilst her dreams are “absolutely huge”, she believes she can “achieve them”.

Harpreet Kaur 


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30-year-old Harpreet is the sweetie of the cast… In that she owns a dessert parlour. West Yorkshire lass Kaur is fearless, funny and believes herself to be a “born leader”. Which must be relatively spot-on, considering she runs a successful, six-figure dessert business!

She hopes to level up this company and make her dessert brand a leading name in the UK.

Harry Mahmood

Fired in Week 1

Harry Mahmood is a 35-year-old Regional Operations Manager from the West Midlands. He wants to help and support people, and says he’s inspired by the kindness of his grandparents. Mahmood described himself as the “Asian version of Lord Sugar”, and hoped to work with Alan Sugar to develop his bath bomb company.

Francesca Lennedy Wallbank

Francesca is a 26-year-old from Surrey who owns a sustainability company. She comes from a family full of successful entrepreneurs and is confident she can win. In fact, she said that she’s “never lost anything”.

The business owner is also an actual descendent of William Wordsworth – which is pretty cool.

Conor Gilsenan

Fired in Week 2


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28-year-old sales executive Conor is hard-working and “hyper-motivated by money”. He is a former professional rugby player and now works in sales, with a record for getting deals done. He’s hoping to succeed in the show and hopes to partner with Lord Sugar in order to start up his business which involves “quirky” food and drinks vendors for big events.

Brittany Carter

Front of house manager Brittany is only 25, but this Bristol girl knows what she wants. She describes herself as kind, sociable and enthusiastic, and hopes to use Lord Sugar’s support to launch her business: alcoholic protein drinks.

Fitness-enthusiast has already launched Maintain the Gain, which produces protein drinks for other fitness freaks, but she hopes to impress Lord Sugar with her new premise and expand the brand further.

Amy Anzel


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London girl Amy is a 40-year-old beauty brand owner who started her business career a little later in life, but now loves her work. She claims that she’s able to be a nice boss, but that if she has to “be a bitch”, she will be.

Alongside her business, she is also a QVC presenter! And her brand is doing well, with almost 50k followers on Instagram.

Alex Short


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Alex is a 27-year-old man from Hertford, who runs and owns his own commercial cleaning company. He left school early and had a few rough years afterwards, but is now not far from a hefty turnover in his cleaning company.

But that’s not enough. He wants Lord Sugar’s money and business prowess to help him expand the brand and business.

Akshay Thakrar


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Digital marketing man Akshay is a 28-year-old from London. He works so hard that he believes sleeping is a “waste of time” and that he exists solely to make money. On top of business owning, Thakrar also speaks 7 languages so that he can always communicate with people.

Akeem Bundu-Kamara


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Strategy manager Akeem is 29 and lives in London. He is a self-confessed numbers guy and hopes to win the show using his “calculated point of view”. He plans to let his ambition, drive and experience make him stand out from the crowd.

As well as his job as a strategy manager, Akeem is the owner of a sustainable sportswear brand Lockr Space.

Aaron Willis 


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38-year-old Aaron Willis is a flight operations instructor from Lancashire who has served in the RAF for 12 years. He is now looking to start his own security business, hoping that his ability to “sell to anybody” will be the reason that his business is a success.

With experience in a huge range of fields, Aaron hopes to succeed and kickstart his new business venture.

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