Make extra money at uni

Surprising Side Hustles for Students

Exam season is fast approaching across the UK with students hitting the books for hours a day. An increase in studying means standard jobs can become time consuming as revising takes priority to earning. JOB TODAY, the UK’s largest hiring app has got students in mind, pinpointing some of the most flexible roles on the market right now to suit students’ busy study schedules.   

The app connects young job seekers with casual jobs which are available through local businesses; allowing job seekers to secure jobs through the app, facilitating flexible job opportunities that help young Brits steer through the ever changing, fast-paced job climate. 

1. Dog Walker 

dog walking
Source: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

The UK’s 4th most popular casual job can see you make monthly earnings of around £1500 a month. It’ll get you out in the fresh air – with man’s best friend – providing a much needed break from the books. 

You can sign up to companies such as Dog Buddy and house my dog.

2. Promotional Work

promo workers
Source: Eventeem

Popular brands we use everyday run campaigns to boost awareness of their campaigns and need casual staff to spread the word. Where these are held vary but you can find yourself at a festival or even at a major sporting event! You can pick what days you can work and when you can’t. Ideal for the hard working student who doesn’t mind time on their feet!

You can sign up to companies such as IMP or through Facebook pages such as I’m a promo ho.

3. Cleaning

Source: Law Donut

Cleaning while studying can help aid mental focus as you are keeping active without mentally investing. The trend of cleaning has seen Mrs. Hinch catapult into influencer territory with her tips on keeping spaces sparkling. This is suited for students who want to zone out and earn some cash. 

You can offer your services through Bark or Handy or Task Rabbit (London).

4. Barista

Source: PureWow

The wonderful thing about Brits loving a frothy one is that work is always needed behind a bar! The added bonus to this is, TIPS! This is best suited for early birds. 

5. Delivery Driver

delivery driver
Source: The Mirror

If you have a driving licence, then why not work the parcels – from courier driving to Uber Eats. Internet shopping is forever on the rise with instant and flexible options for delivery meaning there’s a constant demand for flexible workers in this arena. This often comes with a vehicle and you can work days and hours that suit you. 

6. Tutor

tutoring online

If you fancy yourself a bit of an academic, why not become a private tutor? Tutoring is something that you can do in person or online, which would save you travel costs. Plus as a tutor, you can set your own hours and wage, and choose what subjects you feel comfortable teaching. Many companies can help you get started, such as MyTutor, Tutorful and SuperProf, all of which represent thousands of tutors and students across the UK. These platforms also allow you to tutor online as well as in person, which will allow you to have even more flexibility with when you work and you can save money on travel costs.

7. Small Business Owner

Credit: Etsy – HanaBlossomCandles

If you have a creative hobby why not sell some of your creations? Whether you enjoy making candles, jewellery or creating art you can sell them on Etsy, a website full of all sorts of creative and unique items. Or if you do not have a hobby this could be a great reason to begin one, perhaps you have always fancied giving knitting a try? This would give you the opportunity to improve on your hobby and enjoy all the fun of it, whilst also making some additional money.

8. Freelancing

Depending on what you are studying, you could consider freelancing to make a bit of extra cash. For example, if you are studying English or Journalism, you could write and freelance articles. If you study photography, you could be a freelance photographer and maybe take photos for small businesses or your local newspaper in your spare time. Similarly, if you are an artist, why not charge people for commissions, such as pet or family portraits.

9. OnlyFans

Source: Music Ally

OnlyFans lets you post images, videos, and pay-per-view content for your subscribers. These subscribers can be free or you can set it so they have a set rate to pay each month. Whilst OnlyFans can be used for a huge range of content, it’s generally used for explicit content. Anyone over 18 is legally allowed to produce such content, as long as it is only being sold or shown to people who are also over 18. Some students report making thousands through OnlyFans, and some people just post pictures of their toes!

12. Influencer

Source: Pick and Mix Marketing

If you’re a social media whiz, and already have a solid understanding of the apps and a good following – then becoming an influencer might be a legit option for you to gain some extra cash. All you need to do is prove the reach of your posts, and reach out to brands, or hope they reach out to you!

JOB TODAY co-founder, Polina Monanto says “The pressure to study and ace exams can be incredibly stressful for British students this time of year, let alone trying to also maintain a job to earn some money on the side. Here at JOB TODAY we’re passionate about helping students get into jobs that gives them great workplace experience but also provides the flexibility to work around their studies and of course, their social lives!” 

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