Are you looking to find the man of your dreams? COVID has hit everyone’s love lives hard, so maybe now is the time to finally apply for Love Island. Follow these top tips so that you can secure not only a holiday but a romance that will last a lifetime. These pointers will advise you on how to get on Love Island.

You must be looking for love

looking for love
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 It goes without saying, you must want to find that special someone before applying. Don’t enter for fame or money (that hasn’t got many contestants far). Apply because finding love in the twenty-first century isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Make a great video

Regardless of whether you are bubbly, confident, shy or reserved, you must showcase your personality through video so that the recruiters can see what you’re about and whether you could be a good fit for the show. Don’t over-do it, just be yourself. That is what people will be attracted to.

Be proud of your achievements

 2018’s Love Island contestant Wes Nelson didn’t shy away from the fact he was a nuclear system design engineer. Dr Alex didn’t shy away from the fact he was a doctor. So why would you shy away from your most significant achievements? Be proud of who you are, what you have accomplished and don’t be afraid to share that with people if you are passionate about it.

Flaunt yourself online

 It is no secret that a lot of love island contestants are found on Instagram. This was the case for 2019’s Molly Mae, a beauty influencer before coming on the show and many other contestants. Make sure you are posting content, not just showing yourself off but also showing your interests, hobbies and profession.

Don’t try and be like other contestants

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing people trying to be who they are not. This has happened previously on Love Island, where we see people imitating other successful contestants. People are more perceptive than you may think, and hiding your true identity will show through. Be yourself that will compel people more than modelling yourself off another.

Don’t take it too seriously

As was the case with Theo Campbell, who “just had a laugh”. Not taking the show or yourself too seriously can be very beneficial. You are more likely to enjoy the experience if you are not always conscious of people’s opinions of you. Have fun!

How to apply

If you’re really ready to apply for the show, ITV have opened the casting portal now. All you have to do to start your application is go to their website. The deadline for applications is 30th April 2021. So we’d hurry over if you’re really committed!

Former contestant Montana Brown has said to aspiring Islanders to be themselves, try not to blend into the background, and prove that you’re fun, but most of all – different.

In order to apply you must be over 18, have a valid passport and must be free for a minimum of 8 weeks.