As you are probably aware, the UK is in the middle of an energy bill crisis. This comes following an increase in wholesale gas prices which has led to the government lifting up the price cap by £693 a year. With the cost of living rising on so many fronts, we’re more and more focused on keeping bills down than ever before; and this particularly applies to students. However, whether you’re a university student living in a second or third-year house or you’ve just graduated, keeping costs down isn’t easy. So, if you’re feeling worried about money and unexpected expenses then don’t stress because we are here to help. Here’s how to save money on your bills in a house share.

How to cut the cost of your water bill in a house share

We’ve all had that housemate whose main joy in life seems to be taking three-hour-long baths. Likewise, perhaps you’ve lived with someone who seems to put their washing on every single day? Keeping water bills down can be tricky in a house share, particularly when there are a few of you and it’s hard to keep tabs on who’s using what and when. If your water bills are unreasonably high then here are some tips that you might want to try.

How to cut the cost of your water bill in a house share
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Switch to showers

Baths are a fantastic way to wind down from a hard day however they do use up a lot more water than taking a quick shower. In fact, standard showers are thought to use around 2.5 gallons of water per minute. In contrast, a bath can use up 70 gallons in total!

Fill up the sink with water when washing up dishes 

When washing up, try to fill up the sink with hot water rather than using the running tap. If it’s not too dirty, leave the water for your other housemates who may be cooking at the same time.

Check for water leaks 

It’s important to regularly check for leaks; especially if you’re water bills have drastically risen. Be sure to get in touch with your landlord who will be able to organise this for you.

Do a load of laundry together 

Perhaps you just have a couple of white shirts that need washing for work? Well, rather than doing a whole load, check with your housemates and see if they have anything they need to add. By doing your washing this way, you can save on tons and tons of washes every week.

How to cut the cost of your water bill in a house share
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How to cut the cost of your gas and electricity bills in a house share

Turn off all sockets when not in use

When trying to cut the cost of your gas and electricity bills in a house share, there are a few things that go without saying. Firstly, it’s important to turn off all plug sockets when not in use. This includes big items like your TV and washing machine. In fact, it’s been estimated that households could save around £120 a year if they unplugged these appliances (and that was before the energy bill crisis.)

Do things together 

Socialising as a house is fun and also a lot more cost-effective. For example, if you were all to watch TV in one room, you would be saving the cost of powering everyone’s individual bedrooms with electricity for their laptops, lights and heaters. Granted, this isn’t always possible.

Lay off the heater

It can be tempting to put the central heating or electric heaters on whenever it’s a little chilly. However, doing this can cause your bills to go up the wall. Instead try using other forms of insulators such as draft excluders to keep the heat in, and wrap up.

How to cut the cost of your gas and electricity bills in a house share
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Consider switching providers 

Likewise, if you’re bills are really high then you may want to consider switching energy providers to get a better rate. (However, it is important to note that during the energy crisis, this may not be advisable.)

How to cut down your food bills in a house share

Food waste is a big issue in house shares. When cooking for one, it can be easy to get tired of your leftovers resulting in the excess being left on a shared shelf, only to be thrown away months down the line. If this is the case in your house, then here are some ways to save money on your food bills in the face of the increased cost of living.

Do a house food shop and cook together

By food shopping and cooking together, you are likely to save loads of money on your food bills. This is due to the fact that you’re less likely to have food waste and you’ll be able to buy in bulk too. Likewise, cooking together will help to save money on your electricity and gas bills.

How to cut down your food bills in a house share
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Clear out your freezer 

A lack of freezer space is another reason that a lot of food gets wasted in house shares. Make sure that you clean out your freezer and throw out any food from past housemates so that thee’s plenty of room for your leftovers.

Buy food in bulk 

Buying food in bulk is a great way to keep costs down. You can either prepare the excess into a meal and freeze it or see if housemates would be happy to split the cost of any bulk goods with you.

Get a supermarket rewards card

Rewards and loyalty cards are a great way to save money at supermarkets. Although it might seem like a wasted effort, over time you would have saved loads of money in the form of freebies and money-off vouchers.

What to do if one of your housemates isn’t being cost-efficient

You will live with people from all walks of life in a house share and it’s important to remember that while you may be struggling for money at this time, others may not. If one of your housemates isn’t cost-efficient then here is what to do.

Talk to them directly

First things first, try taking your housemate aside and explaining your concerns. Hopefully, they will be reasonable and open to your suggestions on keeping bills down. If they don’t feel that they can cut back and aren’t struggling for money, then perhaps they can agree to fork out a bigger percentage of the bills.

Organise a house meeting

If your housemate wasn’t responsive to your one on one, then it may be necessary to get together as a collective to discuss your options. If your housemates are unsympathetic to your concerns then it may be worth considering if they are the right people for you to live with.

How to save money on your bills in a house share
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Cut back on your own costs

At the end of the day, you can’t force anyone to change their habits. So, if you’re housemate is refusing to help save money on bills and if you don’t want to move, then all you can do is be as savvy as you can. Simply use the tips above to reduce your personal consumption.

So, now you know how to save money on your bills in a house share. Do you have any more tips? Leave your suggestions in the comments and then read on to find out which of the 15 types of housemates you are.