It’s fair to say student houses have a bit of a reputation. Whether rightly or wrongly, they’re often seen as cesspits of junk, mess and generally untoward goings on. To help clear up the fact from the fiction, Unifresher is on hand to explain the 13 things which will only happen in a student house.

1. You only hoover once a term and feel really proud of yourself for doing it

You might even treat yourself afterwards for how productive you’ve been.

2. Your housemates will have no qualms about stealing your spoons

What was originally a meaningless utensil will soon become a weapon of barter and resentment.

3. It’s a complete miracle if the electricity, heating and hot water are all working at the same time

4. You can’t quite believe how bad you all let the oven get

And deciding who has to clean it turns into warfare.

5. The wall between you and your next door neighbours will be VERY thin

You’ll soon get to know them far too, erm, intimately.

6. Your friends will have no problem stealing your precious coco pops you shelled out £2.89 for

7. Even when you’re careful with bills, you’ll somehow end up paying £30 more than the month before

8. A meeting has to happen when deciding whether or not to put the heating on

Some awful person will just tell you to ‘put a jumper on.’

9. You’ll get loads of the previous tenants’ post and be very tempted to open it.

10. Dropping words like ‘thus’ and ‘therefore’ in your messages to your landlord in the hope they’ll get back to you more quickly

11. Silently hating on your flatmates when their messy friends visit

12. Nothing works, but fixing things is far too much effort.

13. And, when it comes to moving out, your landlord will try and charge you £200 for a Blu Tack mark on the wall

Student houses are no doubt crazy, where everything bizarre happens! Next, discover the items you’ll find in every student house!