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12. Mark Francis Vandelli – £2 million

Mark has won for the poshest person to ever be on MIC and he has the fortune to back himself up. Some of his money is made from his French atelier, Gripoix in Paris. And he can be seen making quick money by endorsing products on instagram – most recently Mcdonald’s – Not really keeping up with his posh image – are you okay Mark?

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11. Jamie Laing – £2 million

Jamie comes in 11 on our list. He’s the heir to the Mcvitie’s fortune (worth £485 million .. OMG). He graduated from Leeds Uni and went on to feature in MIC. He then launched a sweets company, Candy Kitten which actually went on to do really well. It is now stocked in supermarkets such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and many more retailer. Not bad for a 29-year-old … although i’m sure those contacts made from Mcvitie would have helped.

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10. Millie Mackintosh – £2 million

Millie was one of the OG’s and left MIC back in 2013. Her family sold Mackintosh Confectionary to Rowntree for £200,000, although a lot of people thought i was a lot more until Millie set the record straight.

She used to be married to Professor Green, which everyone thought was strange as she is posh and well… he isn’t. They got divorced and Millie recently married fellow MIC ex Hugo Taylor, proving romance isn’t dead.

She started a fashion brand which closed earlier this year as Millie claimed it was a tough market to compete in when your clothing was towards the expensive end.

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9. Josh Patterson – £2.5 million

So some of you may not know who this is. I personality didn’t expect him to have made this much money, having only been in MIC for a short while and then later having a baby with Binky.

He makes his fortune from modelling and was a former rugby player. Good on you lad – although i think you have your parents to thank for those good looks and in turn that 2.5mil fortune.

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8. Alik Alfus – £2.6 million

Alik featured in MIC as Louise’s bf from America. Louise soon cheated on him and he decided to finally take his dads advice and go into his family business.

Alik is in the leather business with his father and it looks like its a lucrative market. Alik is the vice president of his father’s company which is worth about 3m in stocks alone.

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7. Spencer Matthews – £2.9 million

Spencer is an OG of MIC and got a reputation for constantly cheating, having cheated on almost all of his girfriends on MIC. Prior to the show he was a foreign exchange trader earning over £100K a year

Obviously he was also born into wealth as his parents own Eden Rock hotel in St Barths. This turns over £2M a year. He has since left MIC and recently got engaged to Vouge Williams, fingers crossed he doesn’t cheat on this was as she’s carrying his child!

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