There’s a reason why everyone loves Croatia; it’s pretty cheap and affordable, it’s got amazing beaches, and it’s got great nightlife. Everything you could want for a great holiday (or long party) with friends. You just need to figure out which city to head to. We’ve got a great breakdown of all the best places in Croatia for both beaches and nightlife so you can sleep in the sun all day then dance and party all night. From Dubrovnik to Split to Croatian islands like Hvar and Pag, here’s our pick of where to go for a beach and clubbing holiday in Croatia.

Clubbing cities by the coast in Croatia

Some of the best places to go for nightlife in Croatia are within the cities and towns, but they’re by the coast with stunning beaches to enjoy too.

1. Dubrovnik

dubrovnik best place to go in Croatia for beaches and nightlife

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then you’ll have seen loads of epic shots of Dubrovnik; used as the location for King’s Landing. However, what you won’t have seen are all the amazing bars and clubs in Croatia. It’s a city built against the Adriatic sea, so you’ll find incredibly blue sea against ancient city walls that are actually packed with places to go out at night. It’s a great balance of beach, culture and nightlife all in one go, which justifies it being one of the most popular places and ranking it among the top destinations for nightlife in Croatia. There are definitely more bars than clubs, but some of the best clubs include Revelin Culture Club in the Old Town, Copacabana Beach on Seka Bay and Lazareti housed in an old quarantine facility from the Black Plague era.

2. Split

Split - best nightlife in croatia best party places in croatia croatia party croatia party holidays

Split has some similarities to Dubrovnik in that it’s a big city by the beach with spirited nightlife. The city’s Riva waterfront is a really beautiful setting lined with  bars and pubs, offering a more relaxed approach to Croatia’s nightlife. However, for those in search of a more lively party scene in Croatia, the beach clubs near Bacvice Beach are the places to be. These venues in Split combine beautiful beaches with the excitement of great nightlife in Croatia. Plus, Split welcomes Ultra Europe festival, which is three days of mega EDM partying.

3. Trogir


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Trogir is more of a town than a city in Croatia, but still the best place for beaches and nightlife in the country. It’s an old town so has lots of Renaissance and Romanesque buildings that make it a beautiful backdrop to any partying you’re planning to do.  If you’re looking for clubs there’s Disco Club Monaco, or head to bars like Big Daddy and Coctail Cofee Bar Y, which are right by the sea.

4. Pula


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Pula is famous for its ancient Roman amphitheatre, but it also has one of the best nightlife in Croatia. Think pub crawls to gladiator nights, and if you want to dance there’s nightclubs too. Pula is also home to one of the most popular beaches in Croatia too; Ambrela. This is one of the postcard-perfect beaches that will make everyone envious back home. You should also hang out at  Zelenika Cove, which is another popular spot to laze and lap up the sun.

5. Rijeka

Out of all the places, Rijeka is probably THE best party place in Croatia. There are lots of bars, clubs and restaurants in the centre that are open til late, plus you’ve got special one-off parties and festivals that take place near the sea. It’s otherwise known as Croatia’s alternative city, because it’s slightly edgier and crazier than other cities in the country. There are certain neighbourhoods that are perhaps a bit dicier at night BUT it’s still a must-visit for anyone looking for the best place to go in Croatia for beaches and nightlife. Another plus is that the beaches are slightly less tourist-packed so you’ll easily get a spot for yourself to bathe off the hangovers.

6. Zadar


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Home to the longest and oldest beach (whatever that means) in Croatia; Kolovare Beach, Zadar is a popular place to visit after Dubrovnik and Split. There are lots of other incredible beaches around too as it’s located on a peninsula. It’s generally a quieter town than some of the other ones, but it’s still got a really lively nightlife. All bars and clubs are located pretty close to each other so you can easily see a few in one night. The music is typically mainstream but they do also have random techno parties if that’s your thing.

7. Šibenik


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Šibenik, a less bustling but still beautiful Croatian city, offers a laid-back approach to nightlife. Known for its stunning medieval architecture, the city also hosts a variety of nightlife spots that come to life in the summer. Šibenik’s bars and clubs provide a more relaxed atmosphere, ideal for those who prefer a quieter night out. However, don’t be fooled by its calm demeanour; Šibenik still holds its own as a destination with good nightlife in Croatia, especially if you want to do it away from huge masses of tourists. It’s a more authentic nightlife in Croatia, but also plays host to festivals like Hospitality on the Beach. In terms of beaches, there are tons all around Šibenik. They’re mainly city-style beaches like smaller stretches off a harbour, but you can also venture just outside the main part of Šibenik and find beautiful sandy shores.

Party islands to visit in Croatia

Outside of mainland Croatia, there are several islands that are some of the best places in Europe to visit for festivals, beach parties, boat parties and summer fun. Plus they’re incredibly beautiful with amazing unspoiled beaches.

8. Hvar

Hvar is synonymous with Croatia’s party holidays. It’s essentially a sun-kissed paradise well known for its glamorous beach clubs and non-stop parties, making it arguably the best place in Croatia for beaches and nightlife for young adults. The island’s beach bars and open-air clubs, such as the famous Carpe Diem, provide an authentic Croatian party experience too. Daytime in Hvar is as lively as the night, with beach parties starting early and continuing till dawn, offering a seamless blend of relaxation and entertainment.

9. Pag Island

best places to go in croatia for young adultsgood nightlife in croatia clubs in croatia best nightlife croatia where to stay in croatia for nightlife 
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Home to one of the most well-known party beaches in Europe – Zrce Beach, Pag Island is often referred to as Croatia’s answer to Ibiza. It stands out as one of the premier party destinations in Croatia, celebrated for its electrifying summer music festivals and round-the-clock beach parties. The island’s clubs, including the iconic Aquarius and Papaya, are famous for their vibrant atmosphere and hosting internationally acclaimed DJs. These venues transform the beach into a pulsating dance floor, where party-goers from around the world gather to celebrate life and music. Some of the biggest European music festivals take place here, such as Hideout Festival and Sonus Festival.

10. Brač

Brač is another island that has some of the best nightlife in Croatia, particularly in towns like Bol. From chic beach bars where you can sip cocktails while enjoying the sea breeze to clubs that give you the fun Croatia party scene, Brač has a lot going on at all times. The most famous beach is Zlatni Rat Beach, which is where lots of the partying happens, but there are lots of other coves to explore too. It’s an ideal destination for Croatia party holidays and one of the best places to go in Croatia for young adults, offering a perfect mix of beach and nightlife. But on a stunning island.

11. Korčula

This isn’t an island known as a party island specifically, BUT it is the home of Croatian winemaking and in recent years Boogie Jungle. So it’s perhaps not as crazy as Hvar, Pag or Brač but it does have both beaches and nightlife worth visiting. There’s also a really beautiful old town, vineyards and lots of greenery. It’s probably the best place to go in Croatia if you want the party scene but at a slower pace, with time to explore natural beauty calmly too.

Other places to visit in Croatia for beach and nightlife

Beyond the major cities and islands, there are strips of the Croatian coastline that also offer the perfect party escape.

12. Makarska Riviera

The Makarska Riviera, though less touristy than other areas in Croatia, has really great bars and clubs that are perfect for a lively party holiday. This beautiful stretch along the Dalmatian coast is peppered with beach bars that have terraces and nightclubs that still allow you to dance the night away. The Riviera’s clubs and bars offer a diverse range of music and atmospheres, from laid-back lounges to high-energy dance floors. It’s also considered a fairly safe area, which is perfect for enjoying the nights without worry.

Croatia is a paradise for both beach lovers and party-goers. Whether your ideal holiday involves dancing until the early hours at a beach club or sipping cocktails in a historic city, Croatia offers it all. The best destinations in Croatia for young adults combine stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and memorable experiences. You just need to find the best place for you!

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Last Updated on March 16, 2024