It’s summertime! Whether you’re already done with uni for the year or whether you’re submitting your last few assignments in the coming days, I think I speak for all students when I say that summer is already on our minds. With no assignments for the next few months (hallelujah!), now is the perfect time to travel. No matter what type of trip you’re looking for, there are many places in Europe that you could visit. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys a party, then there are many places across the continent for you to visit. So, here are some of the best beach party destinations in Europe to holiday with friends!

1. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza: best beach party destinations in Europe
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Of course, starting off with one of the classics. Ibiza is known as the party capital of the world for a reason. A small island off the coast of Spain, with 100 miles of coastline and some 50 beaches, stunning views, and also the clubs. If you’re lucky, you may catch a celebrity while you’re there, whether it’s walking around or running a club night, such as David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous club night at Pacha, every Monday in June. Plus, there are a number of restaurants, beaches and markets to visit, so you can add a little culture to your trip in between the clubs. 

One word of warning though – the prices in Ibiza are very expensive. So, if you go, it may have to be a short trip. 

2. Zrce Beach, Croatia

Zrce Beach, Croatia

On the Croatian island of Pag, you’ll find Zrce Beach, one of the best party destinations in Europe. It’s home to four of the biggest clubs in the world – Papaya, Noa, Aquarius and Kalypso. All four clubs were ranked in the top 60 of the DJ MAG Top 100 club list worldwide in 2020, so you’ll get a lot in one trip. This summer, some of the people you’ll get to see include Robin Schulz, Timmy Trumpet, Nervo and Oliver Heldens, along with many others. Zrce Beach will be one big party all summer long. 

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3. Mykonos, Greece

Myknonos: best beach party destinations in Europe
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Mykonos is another big party option. On a Greek island in the middle of the Aegean sea, you’re bound to have stunning views while you party into the night. Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach are two places you’ll want to visit. A mix between a beach bar and an open-air clubbing venue, it’ll be a venue like no other. Plus, the beach club is open from April to October so you’ll have plenty of time to soak in the sun while partying the night away. 

4. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

beach party

While it may be a lesser-known option, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria will give you just as memorable an experience as some of the other options on this list. Most importantly, you can enjoy it at a fraction of the cost of some other options, which is great for us students. Entry to the PGV, the biggest club in the area, is a mere €10 – ten times cheaper than it is in Ibiza. Plus, room2 has an all-night free bar (well, from 11 pm to close). But, what more could you want?

5. Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Ayia Napa, best beach party destinations in Europe
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Ayia Napa in Cyprus is by far one of the most popular beach party destinations in Europe. It’s home to plenty of clubs and bars that stay open until the early hours of the morning and it is fully catered to tourists meaning that it’s an easy place to go for a first holiday with friends. However, it’s not all partying. By day there are plenty of gorgeous beaches to explore and bustling tavernas to eat at. Likewise, if you are looking for somewhere a little bit more chill, you may want to consider the Cypriot town of Paphos which offers a more low-key nightlife.

6. Barcelona, Spain

beach party in Barcelona
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Why compromise on a city break and a beach party destination in Europe? Well in Barcelona, you can have both. There are plenty of cheap flights between the UK and this Spanish beach city and lots of affordable accommodation. By day you can explore the city’s gorgeous gothic architecture, stock up on food at the markets and soak up some sun on the beach. By night you can head to one of the many iconic clubs and party to your heart’s content. Some of the most famous clubs in the city include Pacha and Opium.

7. Hvar, Croatia

beach party destinations europe hvar croatia

Hvar is a small island located off the coast of Croatia, known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. The island is approximately 68 km long, and its main town, Hvar Town, is situated on the western coast of the island. Hvar Town is a popular for people looking to enjoy the island’s nightlife and party scene. In summer, you can find beach parties, rooftop bars, and nightclubs that are open until the early hours of the morning. You can visit beach clubs like Hula Hula, offering cocktails and great sunset views, or Carpe Diem, in a secluded cove just a short boat ride away on Stipanska island.

8. Rimini, Italy

rimini beach party

One of the main attractions in Rimini is its long sandy beaches that stretch for over 15 kilometers along the coast. They have everything for sunbathing in the day, to drinking at the many bars lining the beach at night. Rimini is not the most obvious choice when it comes to best beach party destinations in Europe, but it’s a good one. One of the most famous clubs in Rimini is Cocoricò, which has been entertaining partygoers for over 30 years. The club is known for its techno and house music and attracts some of the world’s top DJs.

9. Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira best peach party destinations in europe

Stunning beaches and great nightlife, Albugeira offers the perfect blend as one of the best beach party destinations in Europe. It’s in the Algarve, so only a short distance to fly to, making it that much easier to plan. The town’s main beach, Praia dos Pescadores, is a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by restaurants, bars, and cafes. Or head inland and you’ll find plenty of bars and clubs. Albufeira town’s “strip,” located in the Areias de São João area, is home to several bars and clubs that are open until the early hours of the morning. One of the most popular clubs in Albufeira is Kiss Club, which is known for its house and techno music and attracts some of the best DJs from around the world. From lazy beach days to all-night raves, Albugeira is a great spot to choose.

10. Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain

beach party destination

Alcudia is a beautiful European beach party destination located on the northern coast of Mallorca. The town has plenty of beaches to choose from where you can try waterspots or just relax. At night, the town’s beachfront comes alive with a range of bars and clubs that cater to all tastes and budgets. Some of the most popular clubs in Alcudia include Menta Disco and Banana Club, which offer a range of music and keep going until the early hours of the morning. It’s a popular party hub to rival Magaluf, but is less well-known for it. It’s definitely one of the liveliest areas on the island though throughout the summer months.

So, there you have some of the best beach party destinations in Europe. There are a number of different options around the continent for you and your mates to enjoy and make some memories this summer. A great way to remove some steam after a year of stress (aka uni). Now, it’s party time!

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