10 essentials you need for the best picnic in the park

Now that restrictions are easing, and groups of more than 6 are able to meet outside, what better way to reunite with friends and family than with a socially distanced picnic? To help you have the best possible picnic, here are the 10 essentials that you will need to bring.

1. Blanket/Rug

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Having a picnic blanket or rug to sit on is important as it helps you create your own little boundary from the rest of the park or wherever you are. It’s also comfier and cleaner to sit on a blanket or rug than on the grass.

2. Cushion

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If you want to glam up your picnic, you could always bring a few cushions for people to sit on, but these can be a pain to carry, so I would only suggest doing this for a picnic in your garden or close to home.

3. Food

Credit: BBC Good Food

Food is one of the most important parts of any picnic, and some of the classic items to bring are sandwiches, crisps and sweet treats. However, you could always mix things up by packing small pies, quiches, and maybe even some pasta salad. Just don’t forget to bring some cutlery if you need it, and some plates or bowls.

4. Drinks

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Aside from food, drinks are also really important, especially as the weather gets warmer. Remember most parks don’t let people drink alcohol publicly, but you could always bring a bottle of juice or smoothies for everyone. Just don’t forget to bring cups or a bottle opener if you need one.

5. Hand Sanitiser

Credit: Byrdie

It may seem like an unusual picnic essential any other year, but in the midst of the pandemic hand sanitiser is definitely an essential. Either have one big pump for everyone or to make the load lighter, ask everyone to bring their own little bottle.

6. Face Masks

Credit: Prevention

Another essential for a picnic now that the pandemic is over is a face mask, as whilst up to 30 people can meet up outside, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Especially if there are people there you haven’t seen in a long time or if you want to remain better safe than sorry.

7. Sun Cream

Credit: Shortlist

The sun is starting to shine once again, and thanks to months in lockdown you are probably lacking some Vitamin D. But to make sure your ghostly flesh doesn’t burn, make sure to put on plenty of suncream and keep a bottle with you to top up throughout the day.

8. Music

Credit: Inc. Magazine

Playing some background music can really help lift the mood of a picnic; just make sure not to play it too loudly, as if you’re in a public park it would be rude to have it blasting on full, but if you’re just in a back garden, you could probably get away with playing it a little louder.

9. Games

Credit: The Bay Area’s Picnic Company

Games are a great way to make a picnic better, whether it’s a game of skittles, playing cards or even cards against humanity. But to keep things Covid safe, make sure to sanitise the games before and after. Or you could play a game over your phones, such as Uno.

10. Plastic Bag

Credit: WIRED

Whilst it may seem unusual, a plastic bag to put all of your rubbish in is one of the most important things for a picnic. Don’t be a litterbug, put your rubbish in a bag as you go along, and then put the bag in the bin. Simple.

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