Lockdown hair not looking so good now? Need a new hairdresser at university? It’s never easy finding somewhere to get your hair looking just right, so we’ve put together a collection of our favourite hairdressers in Birmingham. Some of them suit a student budget better than others, but they are all going to leave with you a fantastic hairstyle!

1.   James Bushell

James Bushell
Source: James Bushell Instagram

Address: 7 Calthorpe Road, Cropthorne Court, Edgbaston, Five Ways, Birmingham B15 1QJ

Originating in Solihull in 2014, James Bushell Hair has branches in Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Edgbaston and the city centre. As well as the usual cut, colour and washing services, they are specialists in NanoKeratin treatments, a product that is designed to smooth hair and last up to 12 weeks. They also have a range of styling products that come highly recommended. While prices are not the lowest you will find, their expertise is amazing.

2.   Rumours

Rumours Birmingham
Source: Rumours of Harborne Facebook

Address: 51 High St, Birmingham, B17 9NT

If you’re a bit further out of town, Rumours might be for you. Located in Harborne, they have a great range of services, including trims, restyles and colouring for men and women. They also offer beauty services, including occasion and bridal looks, as well as creating a new look for anyone looking for a change. They also have a fantastic range of home styling tools, including dyes, styling products and straightening tools.

3.   VP Hair Art Co.

VP Hair Art Co
Source: VP Hair Art Co Facebook

Address: 16-18 Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5HG

What this salon specialises in is colour. If you’ve always wanted a colour change but don’t want the risk of doing it yourself, this is a great place to turn to. Not only can experienced stylists change your colour, but you can have highlights done or balayage (a type of ombre style where the colour runs vertically rather than more horizontally). The results are consistently beautiful and less risky than doing it yourself!

4.   B in the City Hair and Beauty

B in the City Hair and Beauty
Source: B in the City Hair and Beauty Facebook

This salon offers a wide range of services in the city centre, but they specialise in Afro-Caribbean hair styling and maintenance. They offer advice on how to manage and style different types of hair, as well as braiding and cornrows/canerows. All services are done to a very high standard and finished with high-quality products.

5.   Hazel and Haydn

Hazel and Haydn
Source: Hazel and Haydn

Edgy and modern, Hazel and Hayden are on the cutting edge of Birmingham’s hairstyling scene. Their services include both traditional salon services – cuts, trims and restyles as well as colour – but they also specialise in hair extensions. They have two different types of extensions, Sway and GL, both pioneers in current extension technologies, and you can be confident in their results. Extensions don’t come cheap, but if you’re looking to get them, it is definitely worth looking into getting them done professionally.

So never fear, whatever you are looking for in a hairdresser, Birmingham has something for you!