Hold on to your sorting hats as a Harry Potter themed bar has opened in Edinburgh.

Perilous Potions, set up by The Pop Up Geeks, invites Potter-heads to mix up some magical potions in a pop bar.



The bar, in Edniburgh’s Arches, is open from now until April 30 and offers plenty of cocktails inspired by the wizarding world.

Although unassuming from the outside, it’s a wonderland of hidden quirks and props. The attention to detail continues as their menu — narrated by the Half-Cut Prince — hosts some great drinks including Butterbrew and mix-yourself cocktails that make you feel like you’ve taken a potions class!


You also get a wand so that with every cocktail something magical happens, whether it be the colour changing or flowers appearing out of nowhere.

The bar, which is open now until April, is taking bookings on their website. Make sure you snap up your place before it’s too late.

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