Leeds has plenty on offer when it comes to food. From the spicy curries of India to the mouth-watering pasta’s of Italy, Leeds has got everything you’re hungry stomach requires. Here are some of the best restaurants in Leeds that you and your friends can go to have a delicious meal or on a romantic date out.

1. Yokohama K&J  Restaurant

Location: 633B Roundhay Road, Oakwood, Leeds, LS8 4BA

best restaurants in leeds
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Yokohama K&J is a contemporary Japanese and Korean restaurant. Its menu has over 100 dishes to choose from including traditional Sushi Rolls, Grilled Tempura and Sushimi. You cannot go wrong!

2. Bengal Brasserie

Location: Bengal Brasserie, 633A Roundhay Road, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 4BA

best restaurants in leeds
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Take a trip to Bangladesh and try out the Bengal Brasserie restaurant. It serves traditional Bengali food such as Merg Makoni, King Prawn Razala and Tandoori Mixed Saag. The food here is different and unique and is the perfect place to go to for a family meal.

3. Smak! The Polish Kitchen

Location: 372 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, KS2 4HQ

best restaurants in leeds
Source: Leeds Living

Don’t worry the word ‘Smak’ only means taste. And it is an exquisite restaurant to go to. Smak offers some of the finest Polish food about, all between £5 and £15!

4. Ira B’s

Location: 27 Chelwood Drive, Moortown, Leeds, LS8 2AT

best restaurants in leeds
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Ira’s B is a cute little restaurant situated in the centre of Leeds. Like the owner says “it’s a place for classic Jewish food with a slightly bonkers mood”. So if you’re looking to have a little bit of fun with your food, then this is your place.  Try out their Grobber (which is their world-famous Salt Beef Sandwich), Libky’s Legendary Chopped Liver or even their B.O.B (Bit of Both).

5. Mumtaz

Location: 1 & 2 MacKenzie House, Chadwick St, LS10 1PJ

best restaurants in leeds
Source: Mumtaz Leeds

Another great restaurant you should definitely pay a visit to is Mumtaz in Leeds. It offers an authentic Kashmiri cuisine and even offers a cheeky little dessert after your meal.

6. Las Iguanas

Location: Unit 3, Cloth Hall St, Leeds, LS1 2HD

best restaurants leeds
Source: Las Iguanas

It’s a super cool name for a super cool restaurant. Las Iguanas is home to authentic Latin American foods offering a delicious fresh cuisine alongside its legendary mocktail menu.

7. P.H.O

Location: Trinity Kitchen, 27 Albion St, Leeds, LS1 5AT

the best restaurants in leeds
Source: Square Meal

The Vietnamese restaurant in Leeds is another great restaurant to go to, especially if you’re looking for a healthy alternative. It offers a range of foods such as their specialise Vietnamese salads, Vietnamese noodle soup and even Vietnamese pancakes, all under £15!

8. Dakota

Location: 8 Russell Street, Leeds, LS1 5RN

best restaurants in leeds
Source: Yorkshire Food Guides

The Dakota restaurant offers freshly made classical food which only leaves you craving more.  Their succulent steaks are especially popular and are sourced from the best grass-fed cattle.

9. Senbon Sakura

Location: 71 Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3BR

best restaurants in leeds
Source: Senbok Sakura

Furthermore, one of the best restaurants to go to in Leeds if you’re looking for something different to eat is Senbon Sakura. The relaxed and aesthetic Japanese kitchen displays a traditional hallmark of Japanese culture- think lanterns and mythical creatures. It offers a variety of Japanese food including Chicken Yabisoba Noodle, Chicken Gyoza and even a mix of the finest Japanese vegetables.

10. Wood-Fire-Dine

Location: 34, 36 Commercial Street, Rothwell, Leeds, LS26 0AW

best restaurants in leeds
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This artisan pizzeria Is the perfect restaurant if you love all things pizza. From Neopolitan Margherita to the Jawbone of Liberty, this restaurant is the best place to go to if you’re looking for the ultimate pizza experience.