If you have spare time and are looking for something productive to do, why not try volunteering. Volunteering helps you gain ‘real-world’ experience and gives you a range of skills that will come in handy when applying for jobs in the future. You could volunteer to work with sports projects, animals, the environment and refugees. The list in Leeds is endless! Here are the top 8 volunteer opportunities in Leeds.

Book Club Volunteer at Moor Allerton Elderly Care

Location: 57 Cranmer Bank, Leeds, LS17 5JD

volunteer at moor allerton elderly care
Source: Neighbourly

If you are a book fanatic and love to share what you have read with virtually everyone around you, then you are in luck. You can volunteer as a ‘Book Club Volunteer’ where you can discuss books (which you all read at the same time, at your own pace) and give your opinion on what’s been read. It’s a good way to share your love of reading with those in elderly care and is a good excuse to have a cheeky cup of tea!

Charity Shops

volunteer at a leeds charity shop
Source: Leeds List

The most common place to volunteer in Leeds (or anywhere in the UK really) is in your local charity shop. There are many roles you can get into, such as pricing donated goods, creating some stunning shop displays, working at the till and sorting out stock. It is a great way to work for a good cause, make new friends and even get some hands-on experience.

Practical Volunteer at Canopy Housing

Location: Burley, Leeds

Another great volunteering opportunity that Leeds has to offer is a Practical Volunteer. Yes, Yes, I know what you are thinking. Isnt all volunteering practical? However, at Canopy Housing you really do get practical. Volunteers help to renovate derelict houses for people to move into, who are at risk of becoming homeless. Volunteers get a chance to try out all kinds of construction activities such as plastering, demolishing (in a safe environment) and even decorating. No experience is needed, just you and a whole lot of enthusiasm! Find out more on how to apply here.

Volunteer Support at Savior Trust

Location: Harehills, Armley, Beeston

volunteer at the saviour trust
Source: Green Pastures

For some men and women in and around Leeds, a sad and unfortunate fact is that they feel alienated, lonely, and as if they have no place in society. As a volunteer at the Savior Trust, you will be providing all kinds of support to people in and around Leeds, such as liaising with local support providers, arranging meetings with community groups and making sure people have access to prosocial events.

Mencap Society

volunteer at mencap leeds
Source: Mencap

There are multiple roles at Mencap society for you to chip in and volunteer as. Here are two of the most popular ones:

Wellbeing Support Volunteer– As a volunteer at Mencap, you will be supporting people with learning disabilities aged between 16 and 25. You can support them by helping them to enjoy a range of activities and help build their confidence.

Classroom Volunteer- Mencap also offers an opportunity to volunteer in the classroom. Sessions are delivered to young people to improve their English and maths skills.

Helpline Volunteer at PACT

volunteer at pact leeds
Source: Wikipedia

This organisation provides support to the loved ones that have been affected by the Criminal Justice System. As a volunteer, you will be able to provide callers (e.g. families, prisoners, professionals) with useful advice and information. Examples of some calls can be explaining to someone how to send money to someone in prison, how to keep in contact and what support is available. You can find out more about how to get involved here.

Volunteer ESOL Teacher

Location: 60 Great George St, Leeds, LS1 3DL

If you dream of becoming a teacher once you have graduated, why not get some experience beforehand by volunteering as an ESOL teacher. You will be teaching students English from a basic to an advanced level. It takes place one Saturday per month and lasts around two hours.

Peer Support Group Facilitator at Leeds Mind

volunteer at mind leeds
Source: Charity Job

Mental health is one of the most vital aspects of one’s life. As a volunteer Peer Support Group Facilitator, you will have the opportunity to help a community of people who have struggled with their mental health. Leeds Mind believes that sharing experiences allows us to support each other and develop effective coping strategies. As a volunteer, you will be fully trained to facilitate different courses, workshops and support groups. Find out how to get involved here.