Picture this: it’s a quiet, warm weekend. The sun is beaming, not a cloud in sight, and the wind is as still as a stone. Now, how does one celebrate a day like this, seeing as these days are quite rare in Liverpool? Luckily for you and your friends, you’re in a city surrounded by beer gardens. From lively, beautiful atmospheres, to easy Sunday mornings, here are just ten of the best beer gardens in Liverpool.

1. The Pump House

Credit: Pump House

Address: Albert Dock, Hartley Quay, Liverpool L3 4AN

For an open dining experience on the Royal Albert Docks, the Pump House is the perfect place enjoy the craft beers and gins, local ciders and soak in the magnificent views of the Waterfront, LiverpoolONE, Pierhead and Mersey. And, the best part? The Pump House is open now. Customers can either stand in the beer garden or sit at a table, as long as social distancing guidelines are maintained.

3. Ye Cracke

Credit: Ye Cracke Facebook

Address: 13 Rice St, Liverpool L1 9BB

Epstein Theatre, The Cavern Club and the Beatles Museum. There are so many links and associations with the Beatles in Liverpool.  However, a lesser-known secluded link is Ye Cranke pub. Been known as a favourite spot of John Lennon and his art school friends, Ye Cracke is quotes as being, “an honest pub without gimmickry or much in the way of modern accoutrements.” The pub, however, goes further back than the Beatles and was home to the Mersey Beat scene – a group of artists and poets in the 1950’s. With the grand jukebox filled with old tunes and a War room, this beer garden is the perfect place to not only soak up the sun but the rich history and character of Liverpool.

3. Red Door Beer Garden


Red Door Beer Garden
Source: Red Door Liverpool Instagram

Address: 21-23 Berry St, Liverpool L1 9DF

With a slogan of “Great service and extraordinary drinks to a soundtrack of classic tunes,” Red Door beer garden on 21-23 Berry Street is a deserted landmark turned roof terrace that you have to go to. Comfortable lounge seating, a barbecue, colourful lights in jars and baskets of beautiful flowers, Red Door Beer Garden is a great place to have a signature cocktail or book a masterclass for you and your friends. Not to mention that it is currently open.

4. The Kazimier Garden


The Kazimier Garden
Source: Kazimier Garden Facebook

Address: 32 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BE

Flickering fairy lights, a rustic feel and live music, Kazimier Gardens has the spirit and life of Liverpool in a small square space, both in the summer and winter. Located on Seel Street in the city centre, the Kazimier Garden is one of the most well-known and loved beer gardens in Liverpool that is constantly evolving, constantly buzzing and is a place that has a little experience of paradise for everyone.

5. Free State Kitchen


Free State Kitchen
Source: Free State Kitchen Liverpool Instagram

Address: 1 Maryland St, Liverpool L1 9DE

If you’re going to hang out with your friends in a beer garden, why not celebrate the beauty of the day or your friendship with some burgers? Known for their delicious, innovative burgers, and East Coast American inspiration, Free State Kitchen on Maryland Street is a beautiful place for parties, hanging out or al fresco dining. The best part? It is still open! Serving a maximum of 4 people per table, guests can book a place and have a beer and a burger, as long as you follow the social distancing guidelines. 

6. Constellations

Source: Constellations Liverpool Instagram

Address: 35-39 Greenland St, Liverpool L1 0BS

Situated in an invigorated warehouse and recycling yard on Greenland, Constellations is an award-winning beer garden, known for its fantastic atmosphere, friendly staff, beautiful architecture and soulful food and bar. The place is described as, “kaleidoscopic; the patterns and elements are constantly changing, but whichever way you look at it, the final picture always amazes.” It is more than a beer garden; it is a sanctuary for all, and you are guaranteed a good time, all year round. 

7. The Peacock


The Peacock
Source: The Peacock Instagram

Address: 49, 51 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4AZ

Another beer garden on Seel Street, the Peacock is a trendy weekend hangout in Liverpool. Whether you’re in the mood for a stone baked pizza or some pre-drinks for a good night, the Peacock is currently open both day and night for your food-loving, beer-drinking pleasure.

8. Lady of Mann

Lady of Mann
Source: Lady of Mann-Instagram

Address: 19 Dale St, Liverpool L2 2EZ

Named after the RMS Lady of Mann, a Manx ferry, Lady of Mann is one of the older beer gardens. While it stills holds its traditional and historic value, it offers a contemporary feel with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Found on Dale Street in the Thomas Rigby’s building, come here to enjoy a range of cask, craft and world beers, the highest-ranked spirits and classic cocktails, and even if you’re not a fan of alcohol, feel free to try their pride and joy – their coffee.

9. Dockleaf


Source: Dockleaf Bar

Address: CAINS BREWERY VILLAGE, Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5XJ

A beer garden with a Sunday roast special? Sounds like paradise to me. Tucked away in the Cains Brewery complex, here is a beer garden that specialises in international flavours and cuisines with an authentic Liverpool twist. Due to the Coronavirus, the Dockleaf is not only open on Thursdays to Sundays between 12 – 10 pm, but they also offer delivery of their amazing food and various cocktails and craft beers. It’s also the perfect place for vegetable lovers, as their veggie roast, sugar snap peas, honey glazed parsnips and many more vegetarian options are some of the best, according to those who dine here.

10. The Merchant

The Merchant
Source: The Merchant Instagram

Crowned “Bar of the Year” in 2018 at the Liverpool City Region Tourism Award, the Merchant is one of the coolest places to drink in Liverpool, often coined where “tavern meets party place thanks to DJs, craft beer and burgers.” Neon and wooden benches, bare brick walls decorated with various, fresh and beautiful greenery, this beer garden on Slater Street is the perfect place to grab a chunky burger or a classic pizza that is casual and accessible.

The Botanical Garden, The Pen Factory, Alma De Cuba, The Monro, Buyers Club. There are so many beer gardens in Liverpool that truly capture the essence of a summer’s day.



Last Updated on July 2, 2024