Melted cheese, juicy patty, fluffy bun, extra-saucy sauce — the perfect burger is an art form. And there’s no better way to line your stomach for a big night out in Liverpool than sinking your teeth into a two-hander mountain of greasy goodness. With fries on the side of course. Here’s the best burgers near your uni for extra ease rolling yourself back to campus…

The fancy filling burger


Where? Gourmet Burger Kitchen
How much? £5.45-£12.60
Veggie option? You betcha. 4 options and one of them is vegan!

Like the name suggests, the ingredients used on these bad boy burgers are gourmet indeed. And you can expect to pay for them too. But hey, it’s worth it for the tastebud orgasm they give you. We recommend going for ‘The Don’ if only to try the legendary ‘baconaise’. GBK are also known for their crazy burger concotions, which they alternate as ‘specials’ every month or so. The latest was’Mr Lava Lava’ — 6oz jerk-rubbed beef, smoked applewood cheese, jalapeño relish, a ridiculous mango slaw & chipotle mayo.

The taste of Cuba burger


Where? FINCA
How much? £7.50
Veggie option? Burger, no. Other food, yes.

Currently based in The Baltic Market, FINCA is pumping out tasty Cuban street food from every Thursday to Sunday evening. And one of their star items just so happens to be a brilliant slow-cooked, beef brisket burger called the Ropa Frita. Drawing inspiration from Ropa Vieja (a traditional Cuban beef stew), the meat is melt-in-your mouth in texture and taste, with crispy shoestring potato for crunch and pickled red onion to keep your tastebuds entertained all atop a saucy bed of aoili and guava BBQ sauce. ZOMG.

The MONSTER burger


Where? Meat Factory
How much? £6-£7.90
Veggie option? Surprisingly, YES!

If your burger isn’t tall than your beer is it even worth it? The answer is no at the Meat Factory, where they cram as much as they can between a set of buns. The ‘Brooklyn Big Ass’ comes with THREE types of meat (beef patty, bacon, pulled pork) stacked between layers of cheese, sauce, slaw and onion rings. Hellooooo heart burn (but totally worth it).

The melting moment burger


Where? RopeWalks Bar & Kitchen
How much? £9-£13
Veggie option? Yes

If you’re a lover of both cheese and theatrics, then you need to experience the Raclette Burger at RopeWalks. This heaven in a bun starts with your regular patty, onion jam, tomato,lettuce and relish, but it’s what comes at the end that make it super special; a hot, melting mess of racelette cheese, slid on top right in front of your very own eyes. Try not to drool.

The bib burger


Where? Red’s True Barbecue Liverpool
How much? £8.95-£16.95 (but 20% discount for students)
Veggie option? Burger-wise no, but there are other options on the menu.

Do not even attempt to wear white when heading for a burger at Red’s, unless you’e planning on wearing a raincoat over the top. These mouth-watering burgers are always overflowing with sauce, slaw and juicy goodness that I can find no better word to describe than moist. Not a dry patty in god damn sight.

The Instagram burger


Where? Almost Famous
How much? £8-£12
Veggie option? That’s a no for burgers but yes for other items.

Instagram-obsessives will be very snap happy here, so only attend if you’re ok with an Iphone bonanza rather than rivetting conversation. Especially because once the photos are done, they’ll barely be pause for a breath (let alone talking) as you saviour every mouthful of these mountaineous burgers. If you’re a chicken rather than beef burger kind of guy/gal, the buttermilk fried chicken is a top choice.

The true American burger


Where? Nolita Cantina
How much? £10-£15
Veggie option? Yes

Opened by two chefs with a longing and love for traditional American food, Nolita Cantina’s burger selection is true to it’s roots. With ingredients like Mont Jack Cheese, Dr Pepper BBQ sauce and the New Orlean’s crumb, you won’t find a better American burger in Liverpool (or some may argue the UK). Hot tip: The Big Boycan definitely be shared between two.