For those who require their food to be halal, there are plenty of options in Liverpool. If you fancy meze or a pizza, we have all your cravings covered.

1. Rumi by Bukhara

Best halal restaurants in Liverpool

Where? 46-48 Mount Pleasant, L3 5SD.
What? Burgers and kebabs at lunch and Indian and Pakistani cuisine for dinner.

This restaurant, which was opened after its owner’s success with Bukhara in Samlesbury, caters to all your food cravings. From burgers, kebab rolls and wraps at lunch time to Indian and Pakistani cuisine in a fine dining setting in the evening. They also have a selection of gelatos which you can enjoy with Belgian Liege waffles if you still have room for more.

2. Kasbah Cafe Bazaar

Best halal restaurants in Liverpool

Where? 72 Bold Street, L1 4HR.
What? Moroccan cuisine.

You only have to walk into this eatery to see which culture they were inspired by as it’s like stepping into a cafe in Morocco — minus the sweltering heat of course. They serve breakfast from 10am to 2pm everyday as well as cold and hot mezze, salads, grilled meat and fish and tagine dishes.

3. Bakchich

Best halal restaurants in Liverpool

Where? 54 Bold Street, L1 4ER.
What? Lebanese street food.

Bakchich brings Lebanese street food to Liverpool. Choose from their menu which offers hot and cold mezze, salads, shawarma, wraps, Lebanese pizza, burgers or meats from the grill.

4. Remora

Bowl of curry from Remora in Liverpool

Where? 4 South Hunter Street, L1 9JG.
What? Selection of curries.

This curry house has a handy guide to tell you how hot each of their dishes are — just like Nando’s. They also have a selection of seafood and vegetarian dishes to try too. However, for those fussy Brits with a lack of adventure, they also serve omelettes and chicken nuggets, so there is something for everyone.

5. KO Grill

Food from KO Grill

Where? 23 Bold Street, L1 4DN.
What? Meats from the grill.

Grilled meats and curries and KO Grills speciality. Their menu is slightly smaller than other places on the list, but that only means they like to perfect what they serve.

6. Barton Rouge

Food dishes from Barton Rouge in Liverpool

Where? 26 Exchange Street East, L2 3PH.
What? Indian cuisine.

Whether you’re stopping for lunch or dinner, you will leave with a smile of your face. Both menus speak volumes about their passion for Indian cuisine.

7. Purple Olive Lounge

Dishes from Purple Olive in Liverpool

Where? 105 Speke Road, L25 0NN.
What? Indian cuisine.

This restaurant prides itself in using the finest spices and fresh ingredients which are cooked by expert chefs to serve you fine Indian cuisine. From korma to vindaloo they have all your curry needs covered.

8. Yukti

A dish from Yukti resturant in Liverpool

Where? 393 Prescot Road, L13 3BS.
What? Cuisines from across the globe.

The owner of this restaurant says he started cooking in his mother’s kitchen and has since worked across the globe. He hopes to bring his wealth of experience to Liverpool, which is why the menu is so varied as it’s inspired by different cultures from across the globe.

9. Shiraz Palace

Kebabs cooking on the grill from Shiraz Palace in Liverpool

Where? 45 Ranelagh Street, L1 1JR.
What? Meze and kebabs.

With two eateries in Liverpool you can tell this chain is a hit with the locals. The charming interior is a perfect setting for a date and the dishes will also impress. There is plenty to choose from including hot and cold meze, pizzas, calzone, burgers, kebabs and meats from the grill all of which are reasonably priced too.

10. Spice City

Malai Poneer and Bombay Potato from Spice City in Liverpool

Where? 18 Stanley Street, L1 6AF.
What? Curries.

If you fancy divulging in a curry on the sofa or you would rather dine out Spice City caters to both. They specialise in curries and have an extensive selection of dishes from all heats. They also serve meats from the grill, steak and plenty of sides to compliment your main meal.

11. Istanbul Barbecue & Bistro

plate of food from Istanbul Barbecue & Bistro in Liverpool

Where? 39B Allerton Rd, L25 7RE.
what? Turkish and Mediterranean food.

The owner of this Turkish restaurant — who is also the head chef — has more than 20 years of experience in the culinary industry, so your stomach is in safe hands. The menu offers a selections of meze, meats from the grill and traditional Mediterranean dishes.