Café 1001 is a bohemian industrial café tucked away in east London. I visited the venue on its reopening as it showed off its renovated space and loft audio bar. I’d been to Café 1001 a few years back and only had positive things to say but still hadn’t returned despite this. The truth is there are loads of cool hangout spots to enjoy around London, it can be difficult for a single spot to stick out above the rest. Either way I was excited to return and see what changes had been made.

On my way there I thought about what made a good venue. I’d guess everyone expects good music, accessible and tasty food, an instagrammable interior and I don’t know perhaps a red stripe for no more than a fiver.

Café 1001 had all of that before their renovation but their newest addition takes everything to another level. Everything has been enhanced from the overall quality of the music to even the general feel of the place. I believe their Loft audio bar is responsible for this change.

Loft audio bar

There’s nothing worse than overly loud, cheap speakers.

Luckily, this isn’t a problem for Café 1001’s loft audio bar. Their four Klipsch Heresy speakers make music beautiful. Instead of being at odds with everything, the music complements every other aspect of Café 1001.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find music quality this good anywhere else. Minus the pretentiousness, you almost expect at audiophile bars.

Good vibrations, good feelings.

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DJ Booth

One of the first things I noticed about café 1001 was its new DJ booth. It was built by carpenter Don Heston who had previously built a snazzy booth and record storage for Jumbi Peckham.

The new addition was earthy and trendy.

It had an eye catching red glint which really makes the place come alive as it transitions from afternoon to evening.

Café 1001 is the full package

The Line up

The DJs were amazing and worked off each other’s sets to play a wide variety of genres ranging from hip-hop to deep house, funk/ soul classics, and electronic music. Everyone’s tastes were catered to.

They took full advantage of the high sound quality and christened the venue giving everyone inside the privilege of hearing music the way it was intended to be heard. Unless hearing music live most of our musical experiences are limited by cheap Bluetooth speakers or headphones that won’t stay in our ears.

 Lucidé, Jake De Glanville and James Priestly did an amazing job. The way they each oscillated effortlessly through sounds guaranteed you were moving – either in your seat or by the booth. You can expect this every week at café 1001, just take a look at their upcoming events, many of which are free.

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Sleazy Pizza

As if Café 1001 didn’t have enough going for it, it also enjoys collaboration with its neighbour Sleazy Pizza, just next door. Sleazy pizza delivers the best slices around and has vegan alternatives.

I tried the morning glory and I was impressed by how delicious it was. It had that comfort food quality to it and the fact that it was served to me right inside Café 1001 made me feel right at home. Yummy pizza, impeccable service and I don’t even have to get up? I have a feeling I’ll be visiting café 1001 again soon…

Living up to its name, Sleazy Pizza truly is a guilty pleasure, really adding to the relaxed, home-grown energy of Cafe 1001.


Café 1001 is the full package

 So to summarise, Café 1001 has top-shelf DJs playing great music weekly, a cosy interior, awesome food, and a laidback atmosphere – that’s what you call range. 

Despite the relaxed feel, everything is calculated and fits snuggly. Its cool blend of elements really exposes how much time, energy, and love was put into the place. However, while it does so many things well, music is without a doubt at the forefront of Café 1001’s charm.

With the addition of its loft audio bar, Café 1001 has only gone from strength to strength. I’m happy to witness its continued evolution because it’s become one of my favourite hangout spots in London.

 Where is Café 1001?

Address: Dray Walk, London E1 6QL

Closest Stations: Aldgate East / Liverpool Street