Uni is a time for entering into new relationships, exploring your sexuality and making the most of being around a whole host of like-minded people who are your own age. However, we all know that university life can breed cheating, so we decided to a bit of investigation work! We conducted our own research on 1558 students to find out which are the universities where the most students have cheated! Let’s be clear – this is strictly about relationships and not cheating in academia! If you’re after meeting the love of your life at uni, you may want to stay clear of our top 10 of universities where students cheat the most! 

Most faithful universities where no students have cheated

From southern Bournemouth up to Chester, these seven universities have the least cheating students. They’re the most faithful of the unis included in our research, so if you’re into monogamy, head to one of these!  

most faithful universities uk
Source: Unifresher

Universities where some students have cheated

This list of universities where some cheating has gone on stems from the University of Hull to the University of Manchester. There’s a range of cheating going on, from 6% of students to 20%, however the majority of students at these universities have remained faithful!

universities with students who cheat
Source: Unifresher

Moderate cheating going on among students at these universities

These universities sort of fall in a middle ground when looking at students who cheat. 

% of students who have cheated at each uni
Source: Unifresher

Top 20 universities where students cheat the most

20. Queen’s University Belfast – 29%

Making the top 20 universities where students cheat the most is Queen’s University Belfast. Is it the accent? Is it the hidden gems across the city that just make it all irresistible? Whatever it is you guys are definitely tempted! 

19. University of York – 30%

Hitting the 30% mark, just under a third of students at the University of York have cheated according to our research. To be fair, York is a small town and everyone kind of knows everyone. This will make keeping any hidden extra-romances secret tough though!

18. Canterbury Christ Church University – 31%


There’s nothing religious about these findings, as Canterbury Christ Church is in 18th place. It shares the same spot with fellow universities as 31% of students claim to have cheated. 

17. University of Glasgow – 31%

university of glasgow

Alongside the Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Oxford, the University of Glasgow also had 31% of its students cheat in their relationships! As the city that’s known for being friendly, are you guys getting maybe a bit too friendly?

16. University of Oxford – 31%

Oxford university students
Source: Canva

You lot are supposed to be studying, not cheating! As one of the best universities in the world, the University of Oxford has a reputation to uphold! But right now, it’s a different kind of rep that’s going on.

15. Brunel University – 33%

As a London uni, there’s lots going on and lots of people around. Perhaps that’s why a third of students have been tempted to cheat. Brunel is in joint 15th place of the universities where students cheat the most. 

14. Edge Hill University – 33%

Edge Hill University

Sharing that position with Brunel and lots of other unis is Edge Hill. It’s another uni that has a big proportion of students that haven’t been the most faithful. 

13. Ulster University – 33%

Ulster University is home to the Game of Thrones, which is a TV series that doesn’t necessarily value traditional relationships. From incest to killing their lovers, it doesn’t paint the picture of budding romance! Maybe it’s something in the water at Ulster. 

12. University of Northampton – 33%

Northampton is one of the top 30 higher education institutions in 2021, however in 2023, it’s also one of the top 20 universities where students cheat the most in their relationships. 

11. University of South Wales – 33%

Not quite as bad as fellow Welsh university Cardiff (in second place!), the University of South Wales is still pretty high up in our list. What’s going on South Wales – is it there something about the coast that makes you fall in love with…everybody?

10. Northumbria University – 33%

Another university to share the spot with Brunel, Northampton and others is Northumbria. It also has a third of its student population claim to have cheated on partners. 

9. University of Kent – 34%

university with kent
Source: Kent University

Now hitting the top 10 of unis that have the most students who cheat on their partners, Kent University comes in 9th place. That 1% percent difference just shows how close this list is, but nevertheless, 34% is quite a lot.

8. Nottingham Trent University – 37%

nottingham trent university
Source: Nottingham Trent University

Compared with the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Trent has about 20% more students who cheat on their partners. Are you just the wilder uni? Or are you more attractive? In our list of unis with the most attractive students, Trent beat out Nottingham university again.

7. University of St Andrews – 38%

University of St Andrews
Source: University of St Andrews

St Andrews also has a lot of attractive university students, which is maybe why it’s 7th on our list of universities where students who cheat the most. There’s clearly just too much temptation around.

6. Abertray University – 40%

Abertay university - universities where students cheat
Source: Abertay University

5. Aston University – 40%

Joint 5th spot is Aston and Surrey, two completely different universities that share a weird similarity. Both Aston and Surrey both are high on our list of unis where students cheat the most on their partners, with 40% of students reportedly doing so.

4. University of Surrey – 40%

University of Surrey
Source: University of Surrey

Surrey is home to the UK’s largest vineyard, Paul Weller and Peter Pan. Hmmm….wine, rock’n’roll, and never growing up arguably explain it all, creating a recipe for having drunken fun without responsibilities. Ok Surrey…now we understand.

3. University of Huddersfield – 43%

In third place is Huddersfield, with 43% of students admitting to infidelity. It’s yet another university that also made our list of the most attractive students, so there’s clearly some correlation there!

2. Cardiff Metropolitan University – 50%

Cardiff Metropolitan University
Source: Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University is officially the second most cheating university, where half the student population have been unfaithful in their relationships. If you’re going there to have a good time, you may be ok, but don’t expect to meet your life partner studying in the Welsh capital. 

1. Heriot-Watt University – 55%

Heriot-Watt University
Source: Heriot-Watt University

Did you guess Heriot-Watt would be the university where students cheat the most in relationships? Nope, us neither. This university has over 30% more cheating students than fellow Edinburgh University, which makes us wonder what’s going down! Again, it’s unlikely you’ll meet your lifelong soul mate here, but you’ll probably have a great time and lots of memories to enjoy!