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When you’re a student, money seems to go very quickly and can seem hard to find. But one sure-fire way to earn some money whilst you’re at university is by getting a part-time job. That might sound hard, but don’t panic! It’s easy to find part-time jobs with Indeed Flex.

What is Indeed Flex? 

What is Indeed Flex
Source: Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex is a branch of the world-famous job-hunting site Indeed and allows students and other job seekers to find part-time, flexible work near them. You can use the app or the website for a short recruitment process to get you quickly accessing immediate work. No need to worry about fitting it between ever-changing university timetables – you’re in charge.

Sign up and let Indeed Flex match jobs to you

Indeed Flex part-time work
Source: Indeed Flex

When you sign up for Indeed Flex, you can let Indeed Flex do the hard work for you. Just fill in all your details, and Indeed Flex will help you by matching you with jobs that suit your lifestyle, schedule and pay grade. You can even apply specifically for student jobs, which are a great way to meet new people in your university city.

Apply for jobs with Indeed Flex

find part-time jobs with Indeed Flex
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If you do want to be proactive, you can also use Indeed Flex’s search option to filter through all the Flex jobs near you. Choose your location and type of role and scroll through the hundreds of temporary part-time work available! You can find jobs in everything from bar work to retail staff, and even in sectors like administration.

Why choose indeed flex?

Indeed Flex part-time work
Source: Indeed Flex

Indeed Flex allows you to have complete control over your job search. You are in charge from the second you sign up to the second you get paid. The website and app give you instant access to jobs, which you can apply to any time of the day. So whether you realise you’re skint at 9 am or 4 am, Indeed Flex is there to help you fill your bank balance back up!

On top of that, you get to choose how often and when you work. Your schedule is set entirely by you (we weren’t kidding when we said you’re in charge!), and so is your pay rate. You decide what your time is worth and how much of it you’ve got. Indeed Flex is the perfect way to find a part-time job that isn’t going to mess with your uni grades or social life. Then, once you’ve worked, you get paid weekly. So if you’re running low on cash now and don’t want to wait ’til the end of the month – Indeed Flex is the perfect thing for you.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also development opportunities through Indeed Flex. You get a chance to join a busy and thriving community of like-minded ‘Flexers’ that are all looking to work and learn. You get to learn from other people in all kinds of jobs and expand your working knowledge and CV.

Sign up for Indeed Flex app – there are benefits! 

Indeed Flex app
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You can download the Indeed Flex app on Apple and on Android. The app has advantages to the website in that it’s with you 24/7! When you download the app, you can also turn on push notifications. That way, when the algorithm finds jobs that suit your criteria, you can find out about them quicker than through an email or any other way.

The app also lets you set your location preferences and time availability easily by just clicking on the ‘Profile’ section. There you can also keep track of your minimum rate and your earnings, as well as your rating (which starts at 5 stars and is changed by people’s reviews). You can also keep track of your ‘Alerts’ through the app, which is where you’ll find any updates on your job hunt! Likewise, your messages can easily be accessed, and so can your calendar of jobs. It’s all there, easy to access and use, in one app.