Boobs vary in size, shape, and everything in between. It is important that the stigma around different boob shapes dissolve so that individuals can feel comfortable speaking about what styles suit them and what they should avoid. Never feel embarrassed to admit you have teardrop boobs or close-set boobs; all types of boobs are beautiful and can look incredible given the right styling. In this article, you can expect to find some flattering pieces that will make your specific boobs look incredible.

1. Round

The round breast shape is where breasts are equally full and round at the top and bottom

If you are blessed with perfectly symmetrical round breasts, then count yourself lucky because you will suit almost anything. Why not enhance the perky shape by wearing a strappy halter neck? Or, for a more casual look, sport a V-neck to get that perfectly sumptuous bust. Self-conscious of your size? As noted by stylists themselves, V necks can give the illusion of a smaller bust!

2. Teardrop

Round but bottom is a little fuller than the top

If you have teardrop breasts you will be relieved to know that many styles will suit you. Experiment with whether you prefer fuller coverage or less coverage and/or whether you want to enhance the lift. Why not try a V-neck t-shirts if you want to enhance your natural shape, or alternatively, scoop necks which will prove equally as flattering.

3. East West

The right and left breasts go from the centre of the chest to the sides

Before sporting any outfits make sure you have purchased yourself a comfortable T-shirt bra or a moulded cup bra that has integrated side support. This will prevent the breasts from overflowing to the sides and will gently encourage the breasts to push towards the middle. If you have East West breasts, avoid halter necks or anything that places emphasis on the arms or upper body. Wear comfortable t-shirts and dresses that place emphasis on the centre of the chest.

4. Relaxed

Looser breast tissue with nipple facing downwards

Relaxed breasts, which often come with old age don’t have to diminish how sexy one feels. Likewise, with the East West breasts, it is imperative to purchase a bra that supports your breasts and discourages them from sagging. Once you have checked this off, why not try a loose-fitting silk t-shirt or dress? If you wear something that seamlessly hangs from the body, this will inevitably distract from the relaxed breast tissue and place more emphasis on your curves. 

5. Close set

Very small gap between breasts. They sit closer to the centre of the chest and give more space between the underarm and the breast

If you have a close-set chest, perhaps the ‘halter neck’ is the option for you! This style cuts way at the shoulders to reveal the shoulders and upper arm. Halter necks look great on individuals who have narrow shoulders and draws the eye to the upper body as opposed to the waist and hips. The good news is – halter necks are really in fashion now. Get your hands on some fun, colourful numbers whilst you can!

6. Small

This speaks for itself

If you are like me and are a member of the ‘itty bitty titty’ society then don’t be worried- there are plenty of styles that will suit you. Small breasts don’t have to take away from how sexy you feel, and they can actually enhance one’s sex appeal. There are so many beautiful backless dresses to try- why not give them a go? The perk of having smaller boobs means we don’t always have to wear a bra. Or, if you want a more casual look, why not try a straight necked t-shirt that will place emphasis on your collar bones and shoulders as opposed to the size of your breasts.

Ultimately, whatever style you decide make sure you feel comfortable and powerful wearing it!