When it comes to graduation, there are always thousands of students across the country fretting about what happens next. If you’re one of them, we’ve found some online courses for you that will boost your CV, help secure a temporary job or give you something else to work towards after university! So why not get ahead and sign up to one of the online courses for after graduation.

1. TEFL courses 

courses to boost cv
Source: The Tefl Academy

If you can speak English fluently, then you may want to consider doing a TEFL course. They do cost, but you can often find vouchers for them on places like Groupon and Wowcher. TEFL – or Teaching English as a Foreign Language – can get you a job in any country, and shows that you are patient, skilful and organised. TTA offer both online and in person courses for you to give a go, both end with a certificate (PDF and physical) which is internationally recognised.

2. Social media 

courses to boost cv

Alison’s free online social media course covers how to effectively use social media for business, including everything from research and planning a website to measuring and enhancing social media engagement. The course also covers how social media can be used for feedback on products and how to stay in the loop with industry conversations. This is great for any media or marketing students, or anyone that wants to harness the power of social media for business or elsewhere.

3. Future Learn 

online courses to boost CVs
Source: Business

Future Learn has hundreds of online courses available for people to do. Some of them are free, and some are charged, and then you pay for the final certificate. They are usually asynchronous, so you can take your time and work at your own pace through the courses. They have everything from Mental Health Understanding, People Management to Creative Writing. If you can’t choose, you can also get an annual membership which unlocks several courses to try. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it if it leads to a job.

4. Codecademy 

coding to boost your cv

Codecademy has a range of coding courses available for people to complete online. They have C++, Java, HTML, and a whole range of other coding languages. Some of them cost and some are free, but the whole site is accessible to peruse for anyone! Coding is definitely a great skill to have, and can lead to high-paying jobs too!

5. First Aid Training

courses to boost CV

A lot of companies will highly value someone who is first aid trained. eLearning offer this training up and down the country, and it is not only useful for your CV, but in life generally. It’s never a bad thing to know how to help people!

6. Open Learn 

online courses to boost CV

Open Learn, owned by the Open University, is a website where you can access free courses. Their courses are split into: Health, Sports & Psychology; Education & Development; History & The Arts; Languages; Money & Business; Nature & Environment; Science, Maths & Technology; Society, Politics & Law. There’s a huge range of stuff to choose from, and you know you can trust the provider!

7. Home Study Centre 

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The Oxford Home Study Centre is the UK’s leading provider for online distance learning. They have a huge range of both free and paid for courses. If you want to add to your skillset, OHSC may be the choice for you.

8. Google Digital Garage

online courses to boost CVs
Source: Digital Contents

Not only are they the most popular search engine, but Google runs the Digital Garage, too. On it, you can find internet and PC literacy courses. These are essential when applying for jobs, a computer literacy is the forefront of most office based work in the modern world. Taking part in an online course in computer skills to boost your CV is a great thing to do if you’re not as tech-savvy as you want to be.

9. Udemy 

udemy online courses can boost your skills

Not dissimilar to Future Learn and Open Learn, Udemy has paid, professional courses that you can sign up for, do in your own time, and gain credits for. The website has lots of options on, and a lot of the people running the courses are professionals in their field.

10. Skillshare 

online courses to boost CV
Source: DLC BLOG

An online learning community with thousands of courses and classes to boost your CV. It’s built for those who are creatively inclined and curious, as they cover all sorts of creative ideas! There’s a free level and a premium membership. This is a great choice if you’re thinking of a side hustle while you’re at or after uni, or just some generally interesting skills.