If you’re making the move away from home to move to university (or if you’ve realised that, now in second or third year, you are an actual adult) then you may be considering getting some form of contents insurance. But once you have decided this, and you start looking into it, it can be a little overwhelming. There are a large number of insurance companies out there offering various products to students.

One of those insurance firms is a specialist student insurer Cover4Insurance. They offer a wide range of student insurance services, that you can personalise to fit what you need. As well as this, they offer a ’14 day cool-off period’, wherein you can change your mind and cancel or alter your package.

If this all sounds great, but you’re not sure if you can afford it, or if it’s truly worth it; keep reading!

What can I get?

Basic content cover

content student insurance

The price for the Student Content Insurance package starts from £17.50* per year (with the absolute minimum cover) for a person living in halls of residence or from £27.19** per year for a person in private rented accommodation.

For the minimum cover, you can get:

  • £2,000 worth of personal possession cover

To this, you then get to add any range of cover on iPads, laptops, accidental damage, accidental damage to landlords’ fixtures, fittings and furniture, course fees, rental protection, bicycles, musical instruments, photography equipment, vacation cover, personal cover and mobile phone insurance.

If you’re a student that needs a lot covering, say you are a creative student with plenty of photography, music and laptop equipment, you can tailor your package to cover these items.

Cover4Insurance will also give you the option to pay monthly if your annual premium is more than £50 – meaning you could have cover from as little as £5 per month. It has all of the same benefits as the usual student contents insurance cover but is more convenient for people who do not wish to pay a full twelve months premium in one go.

Find out more about whether student content insurance is actually worth it here.

Car insurance

student car insurance

Or, if you are just looking for some car cover, Cover4Insurance have a range of options. They offer a comparison service as well as temporary insurance, usual insurance, learner driver insurance and new driver insurance (yes, that does mean having a blackbox). So, whether you learnt back home, or you’re renting a car to move, they have you covered.

All of these packages are partnered with other car insurance specialists, so you can feel comfortable knowing you are getting complete coverage but at a lovely, discounted price.

Student halls insurance

Whilst most halls have some form of insurance included in their rent, if yours does not have that option, you can get insurance with a Cover4Students deal. You can even check through this handy search tool to see if your halls already has insurance. If not just select the option “University Not Listed” and you will get a £5 discount for just checking first.

Mobile phones

Mobile phone student insurance

You can opt for either ‘new phone insurance’ or ‘no age limit insurance’. The former cover comes with the Silver or Gold option.

Silver covers:

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Cracked screens
  • Liquid damage
  • Breakdown
  • Malicious damage
  • Unauthorised use
  • Accessories
  • 45 days of worldwide cover

Gold covers all of the above, as well as accidental loss. The alternative, no age limit insurance, is a simple mobile phone package which covers any phone up to £1,000 and offers theft and accidental damage claims across the UK.

Study abroad insurance

Studying Abroad student insurance

Cover4Insurance can offer you insurance for travelling abroad to study whether you’re planning on it, or if you’ve already gone! As long as you’ve only been abroad for less than 4 weeks. They can cover medical expenses up to £15,000,000. They can also cover personal possession insurance up to £2,500, and unlimited return trips to the UK. Your course and tuition fees are also covered, with the option to extend your cover to your laptop and/or PC.

Cyber protection

Since the UK went into lockdown, police have seen an increase in coronavirus related scams. These scams could be via email, text or phone. Scammers are using the fear and uncertainty to trick you into providing them with your personal details or money.

Cover4Insurance has a Cyber Insurance product that provides cover if you are a victim of a Cyber Attack, Email Fraud or Identify theft.

Key Insurance

Losing your keys or having them stolen can be a massive hassle. With modern keys involving microchips, programming and coding, they can be expensive to replace so If you have ever lost or had your keys stolen then this is a product for you. Premiums start from as little as £12.50*** per year.

*£17.50 annual premium includes Insurance Premium Tax and is only available online. Premium is based on Basic Cover whilst living in a designated halls of residence, with a sum insured of £2,000.
**£27.19 annual premium includes Insurance Premium Tax and is only available online. Premium is based on Basic Cover whilst living in a private rented accommodation in area one rated postcode i.e. B19 with a sum insured of £2,000.
***£12.50 if based on 1 fob purchased under the Student Cover.
All prices correct as at 01/11/2020.

Last Updated on July 11, 2024