Allegations against Panic at the Disco’s Brendon Urie first appeared on social media in the summer of 2020. Many people came forward on Twitter to disclose personal stories and experiences that they have had with him over the years, and the hashtag ‘#BrendonUrieSpeakUp’ began to trend. At around the same time, old videos of him exhibiting racist and transphobic behaviour also resurfaced. Urie didn’t respond to these allegations at the time, and recently, they have been brought to attention once again, this time via TikTok. Here is everything we know about Brendan Urie and the allegations made against him.

He Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault

Brendon Urie has faced a multitude of sexual assault allegations over the past year. These range from inappropriately touching underage fans to sharing nudes without permission. Most of the allegations surfaced on Twitter, but Urie himself has not responded to any of them.

He Made Inappropriate Comments During A Live Show

There is video footage from 2011 of Urie announcing to the audience at the end of one of his concerts that he’ll “fuck” his fans after the concert, regardless of whether they want it or not. This video was from a decade ago, but many have deemed these comments inappropriate, as they allude to raping fans. This is especially inappropriate since a lot of his fanbase are underage teenagers.

Brendon Urie Failed To Speak Up When Panic! At The Disco Bodyguard Was Accused Of Sexual Assault

At the end of July 2020, Urie was criticised for not speaking up when band member Dallon Weekes’ wife Breezy Weekes came forward to say that she was sexually harassed by Panic! At The Disco bodyguard Zack Hall. He did eventually take action by firing the bodyguard and providing everyone involved in Panic! At The Disco with anti-harassment training. However, he also maintained that he’s still friends with Zack and has denied all allegations against him.

He Has Been Accused Of Racism

Urie has also been accused of making racist comments in a YouTube video recorded during a live show. Another video from Vine also resurfaced, in which he can be seen miming the n-word. He hasn’t responded to these clips, but he did respond to the events surrounding George Floyd last year, pledging to use his voice to support Black Lives Matter, as well as redirecting the funds from his charity, Highest Hopes Foundation, to anti-racist organisations.

He Used A Transphobic Slur

In this YouTube clip, Urie’s use of the transphobic slur “trannie” was widely criticised. However, he apologised for this in a video where he explained that he was quoting what someone else had said when he used the slur, and that he was extremely sorry for using such a hurtful word.

These Allegations Against Brendon Urie Trended On TikTok

Many Tik Tok’s began to surface in early 2021, proving that despite the fact that Urie ignored the previous allegations, former fans have far from forgotten about them, with messages such as “if u support Brendon urie, get off my page” and “imagine still supporting Brendon Urie” being spread on the social media app in order to raise awareness of the allegations which surfaced on Twitter last summer. Urie still hasn’t addressed these allegations, but this may be because he hasn’t been very active on Instagram or Twitter in the past year.

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