With the 8th series of Love Island currently gracing our screens, our minds go back to previous series and their contestants. One such name that springs to mind? Ovie Soko, professional basketball player. Joining the 5th series cast as a Casa Amor bombshell, Ovie Soko ended up winning 3rd place with India Reynolds. But what about now? Below, you’ll find Ovie Soko’s net worth and everything else you need to know about him.

Ovie Soko’s Net Worth


Ovie Soko’s net worth estimates are all over the place. One celebrity net worth website suggests his net worth stands around £35 million. Another states it stands more around £10 million. With income coming from basketball, his huge Instagram following (1.7 million) and other avenues, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where he stands. Interested in the Net Worth of other Love Island past contestants? Check out our profile on Molly Mae.

Basketball Career


Though he was born in Worchester Park, this Brit spent his high school career in Virginia, USA. Attending multiple high schools in the area, Soko gained a reputation for his impressive skills.

Moving up to the college level, Soko attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham (not our Birmingham, the industrial city, he went to the one in Alabama). In his senior year, he transferred to join the Duquesne Dukes at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Since he went un-drafted in the 2014 NBA draft, Soko jumped around from team to team, from Boulazac to Aries Trikala, Murica, London Lions and, as of July 2020, Le Mans Sarthe. He also made his debut for the Great Britain Men’s national team in 2015, leading to him playing in the FIBA EuroBasket 2021.

While his basketball salary is estimated to be within the range of £100,000 to £200,000, this doesn’t make up for the insane predictions of Ovie Soko’s net worth being close to £35 million! So, what other forms of income does he have?

Ovie Soko Instagram


For those that don’t care about basketball, don’t worry, Soko has plenty else up his sleeve. With 1.7 million Instagram followers, it’s safe to say Soko earns some money from his huge following. With sponsorships from Vita Coco (Coconut Water), BOSS (Clothing brand), Whatsapp, Nandos, and more, Ovie Soko is clearly putting his following to good use.

ASOS Partnership


Shortly after emerging from the Love Island villa, Soko and his dad put together a style edit for ASOS. It must have gone well because, he put together another collection in the beginning of 2020! In comparison, Soko says “It’s a more casual edit than the last one, it’s more day-to-day”.

Podcast ‘Ask Ovie’


Alongside basketball player, reality tv star, Instagram model, and stylist, Soko can also put podcaster on his CV. Launching in September 2021, Soko partnered with Amazon Music to bring listeners ‘Ask Ovie’. The podcast sought to answer questions from sent in from listeners and deliver real and authentic advice. He must have solved everyone’s problems though, the podcast hasn’t had a new episode since before Christmas 2021…

Clearly, Ovie Soko is a busy guy, making it no mystery as to how his net worth has such a large range. Since he didn’t find love on Love Island, and has remained single online since, fans are begging for him to return to the show. What a bombshell he would be! Want to know about other past and current Love Islanders? Check out our profiles on what the Love Island 2022 cast. Drop a comment below to leave suggestions on who we should cover next.