Tommy Fury and Tyson Fury, both well-known names in boxing, have achieved a significant net worth through their careers. Outside of boxing, they’re also big names in the sphere of pop culture, with Tommy appearing on Love Island and in a relationship with Molly Mae. Meanwhile Tyson has had book deals, documentaries and other ventures outside of boxing, although he’s still renowned for his wins in the ring. Now with the advent of the latest Netflix documentary ‘At Home with the Furys’ released in August 2023, the lifestyles and relationship between the Fury brothers will come to light. So if you’re wondering who’s richer, we reveal the net worth of Tommy Fury and Tyson Fury here!

Tommy Fury net worth

Tommy Fury net worth

Tommy Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is famous for both boxing and his appearances on reality television, particularly Love Island. As of August 2023, Tommy Fury’s estimated net worth stands at around £3 million.

While he has an impressive undefeated record in the boxing ring, his financial growth has been accelerated by his strategic endorsement deals with brands like Boohoo Man, Disney, Aldi, McDonald’s, and Disney Plus. His presence on social media, with 5.2 million Instagram followers, has also likely opened doors to more lucrative sponsorships. And his relationship with Molly Mae won’t hurt.

Tyson Fury net worth

Tyson Fury net worth
Source: Mike DiDomizio, WikiCommons

Tyson Fury, the elder brother of Tommy Fury, has solidified his place in the world of boxing as a two-time world heavyweight champion. With a remarkable career that includes victories over top opponents, Tyson Fury’s estimated net worth is around $65 million. He’s generally known for his charismatic personality and undeniable boxing skills, whereby Tyson Fury’s brand value has no doubt played a crucial role in his financial success.

What about the combined net worth of Tommy Fury and Molly Mae?

Molly Mae and Tommy Fury combined net worth

Molly-Mae Hague gained recognition like Tommy Fury through Love Island. The pair came in second place, but made them huge social media influencers. Molly-Mae even became Creative Director of Pretty Little Thing, but stepped down following the birth of their baby Bambi Fury. She still has an average earning of approximately £13,000 per sponsored Instagram post, making her one of the top earners to come out of Love Island.

Moreover, Molly-Mae’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to become the sole director of MMH Group Holdings, which encompasses three businesses: Filter, MMH International, and FM Cosmetics. This diverse portfolio has contributed significantly to her financial standing. Her business acumen has propelled her to a millionaire status, with a personal net worth estimated at around £6 million. Together, Molly Mae and Tommy Fury have an approximate combined net worth of £9 million.

So, who’s the richest Fury?

So despite Tommy and Molly Mae’s combined net worth, Tyson Fury remains the richest by quite a bit. It’s not really a surprise as he’s a bit of a legacy in the boxing world. He’s also likely to make a bit more, being the main feature of At Home With The Fury’s on Netflix.