Once the realisation hits that university is, unfortunately, a lot more than just making friends, joining clubs and going out, the concept that we are actually there to study towards a degree can be quite daunting. Sometimes, we don’t realise that the degree we choose to do just isn’t for us, and may lead us to realising that we are in way too deep to change anything. However, there always other options; if you are feeling slightly worried that you don’t like your degree, then have a look at some our best ways to help deal with it, and the options you can also consider.

Don’t panic

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Coming to the realisation that the degree you’re taking isn’t exactly for you is the main step in being able to recognise what actually makes you happy. By being able to accept that you don’t like your degree, you’re no longer limiting yourself to put up with it anymore, and can look at things from a more rational perspective. Although it may seem that other people on your course are enjoying the degree way more than you are, it may just be a front and they could just be struggling with coming to terms with it like you are; by taking that first step of acceptance, it’s important to not compare yourself to others and focus on what you think will make you happy.

Find some support

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One of the most important steps in deciding what to do next is to seek support and guidance from those you trust and know you best. Whether that be your tutors, family or friends, talking to them might make you realise what it is that you don’t like about your degree, or whether you’re just struggling with a particular topic within it. By voicing your worries and concerns, this can often help alleviate some of the stress you’re feeling, and further help you to rationalise your decisions.

Change your degree

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If you’re in first year and only a couple weeks into the first semester, then it is a lot easier to change your degree if you don’t like it, compared to if you were coming up to your final year. Many universities will often have a cut off date that allows you to change your degree, which is really helpful if you realise early on that the degree just isn’t for you. However, in second and third year, this is a lot harder to do, so we recommend choosing your modules within your degree carefully; it may often be the case that you don’t enjoy the lecturers way of teaching, or the content doesn’t interest you, but that is only temporary. You may find that certain classes are more up your street, so you can concentrate more on enjoying those ones. Check out our career tips at university for some extra advice.

Think about the future

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If you’re extremely set on the idea that you don’t like your degree, and it’s too late to change it, then sometimes it may be worth reconsidering university overall. Sometimes carrying on with full-time education isn’t for everyone, and your dream job may not even require you to have a degree. So, if you have decided on what you want to do in the future, then do some research on the different ways you can get there, whether that be through apprenticeships or work experience. If you’re still unsure of what you want to do in the future, then often taking a year out of university can help you realise what is it that makes you happy, and you can focus on that instead.

Consider postgraduate options

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If you don’t like your undergraduate degree, but are really close to completing it, then it is often worth looking at postgraduate degrees instead. These courses are a lot more refined than the bachelor’s, and are really tailored towards your own interest, so it’ll be pretty impossible to not find something you’d enjoy. With a postgraduate qualification increasingly becoming the norm, it is a great option to check out if you’re certain on what career you want, but don’t like your degree at the moment.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022