One of the best bits of graduation – other than finally being able to stop worrying about exam stress, of course – is all the photo opportunities it provides to capture you looking all scholarly in your gown.

But where are you meant to go to get the perfect grad snap in Newcastle? With so many options in the beautiful city, it can be difficult to tell. Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down the best spots for your gown (what a fun little poem!).

Newcastle Quayside

With the beautiful reflections the water provides during the day and the amazing sunsets you can witness there at night make Newcastle Quayside a truly dreamy location for any budding photographer to capture the finale of their uni career.

Newcastle Castle

For those who want their grad pics to have a more historical, classy edge, Newcastle Castle will add a dignified air to your snap and make ya look all regal. And who doesn’t want to look – and feel – like a king or queen when they graduate?

Grey’s Monument in Grainger Town

All of Grainger Town is full of amazing shots for ‘gramming away, but posing in front of Grey’s Monument is undoubtedly the best shot you can get in the area. You might not quite fit the whole thing in the background unless you’re incredibly tall, though.

Tyne Bridge

Another excellent part of the Quayside, the Tyne Bridge is a hugely impressive structure which can add some classy leading lines to your snap of you in your graduation regalia.

Kiln in Ouseburn

The famous streetlight graffitti in Kiln provide a great backdrop for your graduation snap – after all, who doesn’t want to look like they’re being abducted by aliens while in their graduation gown?

Meet and Treat feet

With a floor iconic enough it’s inspired its own hashtag, the pan-Asian eatery is a great place to snap your graduation footwear against the backdrop of its famous flooring.

Tynemouth Beach

It might not be the best place to visit while wearing your heels or your smart shoes, but the views and photo opportunities here mean it’s essential visiting to get the most out of your graduation outfit while you’re still wearing it.