Revealed – These are the unis with the students having the most sex – Part 3


52. York St John University 4.80

In an incredibly bizarre twist of fate, York St John University have come in at the exact same position here as they did in our ranking of the top 100 universities for nightlife. We guess they’re just bang in the middle of the pack for everything.

51. University of Liverpool 4.80

There’s loads of 2 for 1 cocktail deals in Liverpool, so it’s perhaps surprising that Liverpool students aren’t getting a bit more romantic. Although, here at Unifresher, we do tend to keep those 2 for 1s for ourselves.

50. University of Winchester 4.81

The University of Winchester scooped up a very respectable rating in the new bronze, gold and silver university rankings, but they seem to have dropped the ball a bit when it comes to more extracurricular activities.

49. University of Westminster 4.82

With so many futuristic bars in London, it seems the Westminster students are getting a bit distracted from getting jiggy. Still though, good clean fun, innit?

48. University of Gloucestershire 4.84

Poor Gloucestershire students would be toast if Kim Jong Un decided to nuke their area. On the bright side, they’d have had 4.84 sexual partners on average before their death!!

47. Staffordshire University 4.87

For a uni so far down our ranking of the top 100 unis for nightlife, Staffordshire students don’t seem to do too awfully in pulling terms.

46. University of Glasgow 4.93

Glasgow absolutely smashed it in our ranking of the top 25 hardest partying unis, but they didn’t seem to fare too well in terms of smashing each other on nights out, coming a respectable but unspectacular 46th.

45. University of Kent 5.10

The University of Kent has the most sugar babies in the UK, so it’s actually quite surprising they’re so low down on this list. Maybe they’re all work and no play when it comes to making the beast with two backs?

44. University of Hull 5.10

Hull might be one of the booziest unis in the country but their Dutch courage hasn’t helped them crack even the top 40 here. Maybe some more pints are needed to get up the courage to make that final approach?

43. University of Manchester 5.13

Manchester might be one of the very kinkiest unis in the UK, and that might be because their students have so few sexual partners they’re able to reveal their tastes in the bedroom to each other. Every cloud, eh?

42. Bournemouth University 5.13

Amazingly, Bournemouth smashed into the top ten of our ranking of the top 40 drug-taking unis, but they haven’t quite been able to replicate the dizzying heights of their placement on that list here.

41. Cardiff University 5.15

Cardiff students can be really proud of their ranking in the very wholesome top UK universities for 2018 but in this slightly more sordid sorting they haven’t even made it into the top 40. For shame.

40. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff 5.18

Did you know there’s a gin festival coming to Cardiff? We expect the beds of Cardiff students might just be a little more active straight after.

39. Goldsmiths, University of London 5.19

Goldsmiths came in toward the bottom end of our ranking of the top 100 unis for nightlife but they’ve done themselves (relatively) proud here, which makes for a nice change for the Londoners!

38. University of Birmingham 5.19

Birmingham students made a name for themselves with their victory in our ranking of the top 25 hardest partying unis, and yet they don’t seem to have been able to translate that into doing much after the party each night.

37. Bangor University 5.22

With their recent nomination for the university with the best accommodation, Bangor students must have pretty comfy beds, not that, according to their ranking here, they’re sharing them all that often. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t make a pun about banging here, but we’re tired so we’ll allow you to come up with your own and pretend we said it.

36. University of Portsmouth 5.23

For a uni where students are known to have sex in the library, Portsmouth doesn’t seem to have all that many people having sex in, y’know, beds, like normal people do.

35. Keele University 5.25

Keele didn’t score very highly in our top 100 universities for partying, but they have sneaked into the top 35 here. Obviously, they need to do something on those quiet nights.

34. Aberystwyth University 5.38

Aber students have a big reputation for partying, but now we know that they are also fairly liberal when it comes to all night-time activity.

33. Heriot-Watt University 5.39

There are some truly incredible date places in Edinburgh, which probably leads to all this hanky panky.

32. Liverpool John Moores University 5.44

Liverpool has some great places to score some 2 for 1 cocktail deals, and it’s probably this reason that so many John Moores students are hopping into bed with each other. Well, you need someone to share that deal with, right?

31. University of Bath 5.47

The stereotype of Bath students is that they are a load of rahs, but it seems they should be seen as a bunch of players… Play-rahs?

30. Queen’s University, Belfast 5.47

With Queen’s already in our top 30 universities for partying, we aren’t too surprised that they have replicated that feat here.

29. University College London 5.61

Outside the dynamic Oxbridge duo, UCL is the best university in the UK. That’s a lot of pressure for the students and we don’t blame them for engaging in a bit of carnal activity.

28. Edge Hill University 5.68

As well as tonnes of 2 for 1 cocktail joints, there are also loads of places to grab happy hours in Liverpool. With all that cheap booze floating around it’s no wonder so many Edge Hill students are getting some action.