We all love uni league tables about academic excellence and employer reputation. But if there’s one aspect of uni we all agree is pretty important, it is (to use a 1980s coming-of-age movie word to describe it) partying.

Whether it’s tearing up the sticky floors of the cheese club or two-stepping your way through six hours of house music, university truly is the best time to throw some shapes. And while you count down the days until the event, why not spend time seeing where your uni comes in the most important ranking of all?

Unifresher has worked out the 25 hardest partying unis in the UK using statistics from a plethora of data setsrankings and studies. Enjoy!

25. University of Cambridge

The fact the Cantabrigians have made it on to the top 25 hardest partying unis may surprise some but we can see they subscribe to a ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos.

24. Reading University

When you’ve got one of the country’s biggest festivals coming to your city every year then you’re probably going to like to party a bit. Perhaps that’s why Reading students are one of the worst in the country for borrowing from their parents

23. University of Oxford

Much like Cambridge, those who are not in the know might find it a bit confusing that Oxford has made the list. But anyone who has graced the clubs of the beautiful city will know that these lot don’t mess around. Apparently, on average, Oxonians borrow more than £300 a month from their parents. Now we know they aren’t spending it on books.

22. University of Hull

When you’re one of the booziest unis in the country, it is also a good bet that you will be one of the hardest partying. And so, it is true for Hull.

21. University of Nottingham

When the inventor of Weatherspoon’s comes from your Uni, it’s unsurprising that you made the top 25 hardest partying universities. Surely there’s a Weatherspoon’s on every corner. Someone please confirm…

20. Coventry University

We found Coventry students do tend to borrow quite a bit of cash from their mums and dads, but that should do nothing to downplay their achievements on making the top 25 hardest partying unis.

19. University of Manchester

With Manchester always duped as a party city with lots of ‘famous’ (reality stars) born characters its a surprise we see them not in our top 10. But here we are Manchester comes in 19th.

18. University of Plymouth

When it was named in the top 20 kinkiest universities we were slightly surprised. Now we know those Plymouth students have a relaxed attitude to life, we are unsurprised to see them here.

17. University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth students love to party. Their free-spirited attitude has seen them make our top 20 hardest partying universities.

16. Durham University

They may have to borrow and eye-watering amount of cash from their parents to do it, but Durham University sure knows how to party. They just miss out on the top 15 but, hey, what’s an extra tenner from the rents to make it next year?

15. University of Exeter

Exeter love to party and come in 15th on our top partying unis!

14. University of Brighton

With Fat Boy Slim as a former student, Brightonians are born to party. The fresh air and free-loving attitude of the friendly, seaside town also probably helps.

13. Edinburgh University

With exciting events, such as a Harry Potter-themed bar, popping up all the time in Edinburgh, it’s unsurprising that the students love to party. They’ve just missed out on the top ten, which might come as a disappointment but with a little bit more clubbing a top ten finish is theirs next year.