The best graduate schemes in the UK

The best graduate schemes in the UK

Graduate schemes are often the best pathway into a career for university students who have completed their degree. Along with a decent salary and other benefits, graduate schemes allow you to get your foot in the door to some of the biggest companies out there. Whether you’re looking for a job in London, or elsewhere in the country, there will definitely be something you’re interested in. To save the hours of researching, we’ve done the work for you! Here are some of the best graduate schemes on offer in the UK right now.

Explore Learning – Assistant Director Programme

Explore Learning

Salary: £23,000-£25,000 plus benefits

Explore Learning has private centres across the country, providing children with quality maths and English tuition.

The company are looking for several graduates to take on the role of Assistant Director in multiple locations from London to Scotland, meaning that you can choose whether you want to relocate for work or not. During your time as Assistant Director, you will play a part in four key areas of the business: Sales & Marketing, Management & Business, Teaching and Customer Service.

To apply for this position, you must have a strong degree classification, a minimum of grade B in maths and English GCSE and preferably some prior experience of working with children.

KPMG – Graduate Audit Programme


Salary: Competitive plus benefits

KPMG works with a large number of businesses to offer professional assistance with Auditing, Tax & Legal, Consulting, Deal Advisory and Technology Services.

The company currently has a number of positions available for its Graduate Audit Programme; The places on the scheme are spread out across the country in the locations of Aberdeen, Cambridge, Cardiff, the South East, the South West and Yorkshire. If you are successful in the role, you will undertake structured training, while at the same time having responsibility for a portfolio of businesses to audit.

If you are interested in applying to the KPMG Graduate Audit Programme, you will need to achieve at least a 2:1 in your degree. However, the company have stated that they will look at more than your academics.

Capgemini UK Plc – Various programmes

Capgemini UK Plc

Salary: Competitive

Capgemini is a well-known UK employer, offering consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services.

Capgemini is currently advertising for three graduate positions: a Graduate Software Test Consultant, a Graduate Technical Specialist and a Graduate Technology Specialist. Similar to previous schemes on this list, you can choose where you want to be based with the Capgemini graduate programme, as there are positions advertised in both the South and the West Midlands.

Civil Service – Fast Stream Programme

Civil Service

Salary: Competitive – starting from £27,000 or £28,000

If you’re interested in a career working for the Government, the Civil Service Fast Stream Programme may be for you.

There are 15 different schemes on offer in the programme, ranging in duration from two years up to four years. Roles available are varied, so there will undoubtedly be the perfect position for you. Click here to see all 15 schemes in detail.

Most of the jobs on offer in the Fast Stream Programme do not require a specific degree classification. However, some do so it’s always worth checking before you apply.

Aldi – Graduate Area Manager Programme


Salary: Starting from £44,000

Aldi’s graduate scheme is one of the most popular among graduates, and it’s not hard to understand why. You will find it incredibly difficult to find another programme with a starting salary of £44,000!

This scheme is incredibly competitive, but you’ll be able to reap the rewards if you’re successful. Along with the substantial salary, which rises to £77,870 after five years, you’ll also be given a fully expensed Audi A4/BMW 3 Series to go about your daily business in.

To be able to apply for the Aldi Graduate Area Manager Programme, you will need at least a 2:1 in your chosen degree, along with a minimum of 96 UCAS points and a driving licence.

The BBC – Journalism Trainee Schemes


Salary: Competitive

The BBC’s graduate trainee schemes are perfect for any aspiring journalists out there.

This programme is most suited for someone who is passionate about news, who wouldn’t mind working during unsociable hours (for example, late at night or on weekends.) There are five locations you can choose to apply for: London, Salford, Cardiff, Shetland or Orkney.

The Journalism Trainee Scheme at the BBC is specifically for people starting out in their journalism career, therefore you do not need to have a specific degree or degree classification.

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