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Welcome to Unifresher, an online platform dedicated to helping students make the most out of their university experience. We’ve got everything from practical tips on student finance and finding employment, to valuable resources, student deals, accommodation advice and local inspiration on what to do in your uni city. Our content embodies our mission of helping students ‘live the best uni life possible’, created by a team of editors and student writers.

Our roots go back to 2012 when the team launched a student newspaper in Nottingham. In the next five years, we rolled out monthly newspapers in 16 uni cities, producing over 250,000 copies each month. Then, in 2017, we made a big move to go completely online. In 2018, Unifresher.co.uk was born leading us to cover all the major uni cities and reach even more students across the UK. You can also find us on Instagram and Tiktok

Our Leadership Team

Phoenix Zhao - Unifresher Founder

Phoenix Zhao

When I was studying, I thought it would be really handy to have a resource that offered practical advice to students as well as being a place where you could find things to do in your city. Especially as I was new to Nottingham and didn’t know it well. That’s where the idea for Unifresher came about. Now when I'm not working, I'm usually doing some sort of fitness class – or attempting a new fitness challenge! Safe to say weekends look a lot different to when I was at university.

Which uni did you go to? Nottingham Trent University
What did you study? Business Management and Marketing
Best uni memory? I lived in a house of 10 girls and we always created our own theme to dress up for Ocean Wednesdays. One Wednesday we went as different coloured crayons, full body paint, bottle in our hair. Safe to say we weren’t going unnoticed that night.
Top tip for students? Take your studies seriously but also create the best memories. It’s the time of your life and it goes so quickly.

Aminah Barnes - Content Editor

Aminah Barnes
Content Editor

Aside from editing and writing, I love travelling, cooking, learning languages and anything psychology or true crime-related. I've been lucky enough to live abroad in Barcelona, Sicily and Rome for many years, but happily based in Manchester again where I grew up! Also (importantly) a Man United fan.

Which uni did you go to? Manchester Metropolitan University
What did you study? Sociology (BA Hons) and Psychology (MSc)
Best uni memory? House parties, meeting new people and learning all about society and the human mind.
Top tip for students? Make time to socialise if you can - having a balance is so important! Also, Google scholar is your friend for those extra references!

Felicity Pease Head of Operations at Unifresher

Felicity Pease (Fizz)

As a self-confessed nerd, I love all things colour-coding and spreadsheets, which extends well into my personal life. I head up the operations team at Unifresher, making sure everything runs smoothly. I live in Cambridgeshire with my husband and children (and currently trying to convince my husband of the merits of adding a dog too.)

Which uni did you go to? The Open University
What did you study? An Open Degree (focused on history and geopolitics)
Best uni memory? The relief of results day (yes, I'm a nerd).
Top tip for students? Don't feel pressured into making decisions about your career - chances are you have 50 years of work ahead of you which is plenty of time to change your mind!

Rich Moss Unifresher

Rich Moss

I work within the partnership team and look after new and existing partnerships. Outside of work I enjoy spending time in the gym. I've also developed a keen interest in Mycology in recent years and have started growing my own mushrooms.

Which uni did you go to? University of Worcester
What did you study? Web Development
Best uni memory? Living in a shared house with friends.
Top tip for students? Don't avoid being outside of your comfort zone, take part in new experiences and don't overthink things too much.

Adam Learoyd - Campaigns

Adam Learoyd

I'm the Campaign Manager at Unifresher, which involves handling the delivery of our partners' advertising campaigns. I'm currently based in Birmingham, spending most of my spare time making music and annoying my dog.

Which uni did you go to? University of Birmingham
What did you study? History
Best uni memory? Moving into a shared house in second year, buying a table tennis table and playing with my housemates until 3 am the next day.
Top tip for students? Remember to go to your lectures! (even if you stay up playing table tennis).

Chris Moss - Senior Partnership Manager

Chris Moss
Senior Partnership Manager

I lead the partnership team here at Unifresher. In the past, I've worked with tons of youth brands to create campaigns suitable for students. And even in my free time, I'll still be reading marketing books. That, or drinking way too much coffee.

Which uni did you go to? Nottingham Trent University
What did you study? Business Marketing Management
Best uni memory? My first year living in halls and exploring new places with my friends.
Top tip for students? Make the most of every day and check out our things-to-do recommendations for your city so you don't miss anything!

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"Writing for Unifresher has allowed me to start creating a portfolio of my writing! I'd love to work in the copywriting/publishing field one day, so this is a great way for me to get a head start on that. It's also allowed me to learn so much new stuff about my city and now I truly feel at home, despite moving across the country."
Hayley Griffiths student writer
Hayley Griffiths
Student Writer

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