Although you’ll almost always learn to love your student house, finding that dream pick can have a much bigger impact on your year than you think. When you’re searching for your new crib, sometimes the location is perfect, but you really want a bigger living room. Maybe the en suite is perfect, but there just aren’t enough bedrooms for everyone you want to live with. Whilst it can feel nearly impossible to find the perfect place for the year, we’re here to bring you the best ways to find student housing in Newcastle.

Using Online Real Estate Finders

how to find accommodation in Newcastle
Source: UnderConsideration

Although you’re unlikely to get everything on your real estate wish list, having an idea of what the ideal student house would look like to you is the easiest way to start. Maybe it’s essential to you that you live near Jesmond’s many pubs, or perhaps you need to be able to roll out of bed and be at the nearest train station ASAP. Whatever your priorities are, it’s vitally important that you know them before you start house hunting.

If you have an idea of how many people you’d like to live with and a rough idea of where, websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and Propertypal can all be used to narrow down your options or to at least give you an idea of what rent is like in the area. Knowing these preferences as early as possible can help you get your foot in the door through online searches.

Getting In Touch With Estate Agents

how to find accommodation in Newcastle

If you’ve been unable to find suitable accommodation yourself, why not ask for some help? There are plenty of estate agents in Newcastle who specialise in managing student housing who can give you a bit of guidance if you find yourself stuck.

Estate agents such as Walton Robinson or Ashburton Lettings have resources dedicated specifically to helping students find accommodation that suits them. Virtual house tours and downloadable student brochures have become popular tools for guiding students towards locations and properties to fit their needs. Alternatively, most estate agents will be more than happy to find you some properties that tick off most of your requirements if you contact them with your preferences.

University Accommodation

how to find accommodation in Newcastle
Source: Northumbria University

If you’re a fresher, a postgrad, or you just don’t fancy traditional student housing, both Northumbria and Newcastle offer great accommodation. Both independent and catered options are available, alongside an incredibly wide range of options. For partygoers, the iconic Castle Leazes will always be a favourite, whilst accommodation such as Liberty Quay can provide a more relaxed student environment and easier access to campus grounds.

University accommodation can be a great way to create new friendships. Living in halls is widely regarded as one of the high points of the student lifestyle and a nigh-essential experience. Newcastle’s student housing is notoriously enjoyable, and by all accounts, the accommodation run by the Universities is no exception.

Overall, you have a few viable options when it comes to finding your accommodation. The wide range of choice can often feel overwhelming, but it’s also easy to feel like the best opportunities have already been snatched up earlier in the year. Rest assured, there are plenty of great student areas and housing across all of Newcastle. Happy hunting!