Looking for your student accommodation can be really difficult. There are so many choices to make, from catered or self-catered, en-suite or shared, private or university-owned… We’re here to help with a list of the best student halls in Oxford!

Oxford Brookes University

Dorset House 

In partnership with Oxford Brookes, Dorset House is one of the most highly rated student accommodations in the city. 5 minutes away from Oxford Brookes’ Headington Campus, Dorset House is in the heart of one of Oxford’s most vibrant student communities. The halls consists of 7 blocks surrounding a gorgeous little garden. In total, Dorset House is home to 331 Oxford Brookes students. Residents can choose from ensuite flats or private studios, both of which have additional access to the common room. In there, you’ll find study desks, pool tables, foosball tables, sofas and a television. Prices start at £256 per week.

Between Towns Court 

Between Towns Court has modern ensuite rooms and roomy studios for residents to choose from! The rooms have lots of storage and workspace, making them a great choice for the studious people amongst us. The studios come with a mini kitchen and a TV, and the price is the same for singles or couples. The building also offers a range of social areas, such as a TV lounge, games area and study pods, as well as a private courtyard. Prices start at £193 per week.

The Mews 

30 minutes walk from both Oxford universities, The Mews is great for anyone who really wants to experience the city as well as the university life. It is near the exciting Cowley Road, which is full of painted buildings and lively people in gorgeous cafes. There is a common room, laundry room, outdoor space and games tables, all of which complement both their ensuite and studio rooms. You can choose between the two depending on whether you fancy a shared kitchen or whether you’d prefer to cook in peace. Prices start at £182 a week.

Clive Booth 

If you’re studying on the Headington Campus and like a lie-in, then Clive Booth is a solid choice for you. Only 500 yards from the campus, there are 800 student ensuite rooms available in flats of 5 or 6 people. The accommodation has laundry facilities, a common room, computer room, bike storage and a halls office for any queries or issues you may face. There is also the option of family flats and twin rooms for people looking to live with others. Prices start at £168.56 per week.

Warneford Hall 

A little further afield, Warneford Hall is 0.2 miles away from Headington Campus. It has 249 rooms in flats of 3 or 6 people, but unlike Clive, the bathrooms are shared. On-site, there are laundry facilities, bike storage and a halls office. Prices start at £143.01 per week.

Cheney Student Village 

Actually on Headington Campus, Cheney Village has 750 rooms available in flats of 5 or 6 students. The rooms are ensuite, and you also have access to laundry, bike storage, a common room with a TV, and the halls office. There’s also the option of double rooms for couples, but there are very few of these available. Prices start at £156.03 per week.

University of Oxford

Due to the way that the University of Oxford works with the college system, all students in first year are offered accommodation within their college. This is either on-site or in a nearby college annexe. The colleges will also offer accommodation for the second year, and some for the third year too. Any students who choose to live elsewhere – which the university refers to as ‘living out’ – will still have access to all of their college’s facilities. This includes meals and laundry facilities.