Manchester is a vibrant and diverse city that is home to major universities, making it a popular destination for students from all over the world. Finding the right student accommodation in Manchester can make the university experience that much greater. Whether that’s a student house in the heart of the city or student halls right by campus. That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate accommodation guide so you can make the most of your time as a student in Manchester. From where to live to choosing what kind of accommodation is best for you, we’ve covered all the important questions.

Where is the best area to live in Manchester as a student?

If you’re not living on campus, you’ll likely want to find a student house in a well-connected area of Manchester. The suburbs listed below are popular among students and offer great transportation links, nightlife and amenities. Alternatively, if you’re planning to study at Salford University, the city centre, Salford or Trafford might be more convenient options.

The ultimate guide to student accommodation in Manchester
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Fallowfield is one of the best and most popular areas to live in Manchester for students. It is located just south of the city centre, and is home to many students due to its proximity to the University of Manchester and MMU’s main campus. Fallowfield offers a diverse range of affordable accommodation options, including student halls, houses and apartments. The area has plenty of shops, supermarkets, cafes and pubs, making it a great place to socialise and enjoy student life. Fallowfield also has great transport links to the city centre and other parts of Manchester, making it easy to get around.


Withington is another great area for students to live in Manchester. It is located just south of Fallowfield, and has a village-like atmosphere with plenty of green spaces. Withington has a good selection of student accommodation options, including halls and houses, and is home to many students. The area also has a variety of shops, cafes and pubs, and is known for its independent retailers and restaurants. Withington is also well-connected with plenty of buses taking you to university throughout the day.


Rusholme, also known as the “Curry Mile,” is a great area for students who want to experience the city’s vibrant culture. The area is famous for its many Indian restaurants and takeaways, and is home to many students. Rusholme has a variety of student accommodation options, including halls and houses, and is well-connected to the city centre. The area is lively and active, with plenty of shops, supermarkets, cafes and pubs, making it a great place to socialise and enjoy student life.

What types of accommodation is there?

Choosing between student houses and student halls in Manchester is an important decision. They each have different advantages to consider, and impact the student experience.

Student halls

The ultimate guide to student accommodation in Manchester
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Student halls, also known as residence halls, offer a variety of advantages for students. One of the main advantages of student halls is the sense of community they provide. Living in a student hall means that you will be surrounded by other students who are going through similar experiences, and you will have the opportunity to make new friends and create a support network.

Student halls also offer a range of amenities and services, such as communal kitchens, laundry facilities, and common rooms. Many student halls also have on-site staff who can provide support and advice. This can be particularly helpful for international students or students who are new to the city.

When it comes to student halls, the best options in Manchester include Owens Park, Birley Fields, and Cambridge Halls. Owens Park offers a range of room types, including en-suite and standard, and is located in Fallowfield. Birley Fields is a new development in Hulme, offering modern amenities and great transport links. Cambridge Halls is located in the heart of the city and offers a range of room options, including apartments and studios.

For more private and university halls, check out our list of the best student halls in Manchester.

Student houses

Student houses offer a different type of living experience. They offer more privacy, and students have more control over their living environment. Student houses typically have more space than student halls, and students can decorate and personalise their rooms as they wish. They also provide a more independent lifestyle, and students are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

Student houses can also be more cost-effective, especially when sharing with other students. They also often located in residential areas of the city, providing a more authentic living experience.

For students looking for a house, the best options in Manchester are located in Fallowfield and Rusholme. Fallowfield has a variety of student houses, many of which are located close to the universities. Rusholme also has a wide range of student houses available, and it’s known for its vibrant atmosphere. Both offer fairly affordable prices, whereas surrounding areas like Chorlton, East Didsbury and West Didsbury may be slightly higher.

Luxury student accommodation

Luxury student accommodation refers to high-end student housing that offers a range of amenities and services that go above and beyond the standard student accommodation. These types of accommodation often feature en-suite bathrooms, private kitchens, and modern facilities such as gyms, cinema rooms and study areas.

Luxury student accommodation is typically more expensive than standard student accommodation, but it can provide a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. It is particularly appealing to students who value privacy and want to live in a high-end and modern environment.

Examples of luxury student accommodation in Manchester include Prestige Student Living properties, Vita Student, Victoria Point, Ladybarn House and more. They have modern amenities in great locations, and are often situated in stunning or historic buildings. These types of accommodation are perfect for students who want to experience luxury living while studying in Manchester.

How to find student accommodation in Manchester?

The best way to find student accommodation is by going through a good letting agency. As opposed to finding accommodation yourself, a letting agency will help sift through properties based on your budget, requirements and accommodation type. Some of the best letting agencies in Manchester include Jupiter, Manchester Student Homes and Drake and co.

What to do if you can’t find accommodation?

If you’re really struggling then try contacting your university’s accommodation department. They are a dedicated team who can help you find somewhere to live, even if it’s only temporary.

If you’re studying at the University of Manchester, contact the accommodation department on or 0161 275 2888.

For those at MMU, contact or 0161 247 2958.

Students attending Salford University should contact on 0161 850 6664 or

Last Updated on May 21, 2024