Sheffield is a great city for students, but knowing where to live can really elevate your uni experience. The city brings together green areas, as well as bustling city life, making it a great mix of rural and urban. Whether you want to live closer to university campus or find more affordable homes further afield, discover where are the best areas to live in Sheffield as a student.

The best student areas in Sheffield

1. University of Sheffield

Surrounding the University of Sheffield’s campus there are many student areas to live in. Whether you prefer being close to the city and nightlife or in a quieter more residential area, there’s loads of options available.


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About a 5 or 10 minute walk from campus is Broomhall. This area is one of the cheapest places to live near Sheffield city centre, but there is a reason for this. Despite the tree-lined streets and calm demeanour during the day, the area is known for high crime rates and unfortunately, it is not recommended to walk home alone at night. That being said, if you get taxis home and stick with your mates, Broomhall is a very convenient area, close to campus, the city centre and an Aldi.


Crookesmoor Sheffield
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Crookesmoor is by far the most popular area for Uni of students. The walk from campus takes about 5 to 10 minutes and goes past three parks, making it a pleasant, even on the way to 9am lectures. There’s plenty of takeaways, pubs and shops including Beanies. Beanies is perfect for the eco-conscious student. This local co-op is completely vegetarian and has a cafe and shop selling organic and ethically sourced produce along with all your favourite veggie snacks. In Crookesmoor, rent starts at £60 per week so it’s worth the trek up the hill to be in this cheap, lively student area.


Walkley Sheffield
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A little further up the hill from Crookesmoor is Walkley. Walkley joins Crookesmoor to Hillsborough and is one of the cheapest student areas with prices from £40 a week. The area has all a student needs such as pubs and a supermarket. It is also close to Bole Hill with panoramic views of the city. Walkley is a quiet area with mostly postgraduate students so if you don’t mind hills and want some peace and quiet, check it out.


Crookes Sheffield
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Neighbouring Walkley, Crookes is another cheap and popular student area, with rent from £60 a week. Crookes is a great area as it has loads of cafes, takeaways, pubs, restaurants and shops, including one of Sheffield’s only zero waste shops. The area is home to Bole Hill, where you can watch the sunset over Sheffield. .

2. Sheffield Hallam University

Ecclesall Road

Ecclesall Road Sheffield
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Ecclesall Road is a well known area for its many pubs, restaurants and bars, as well as being close to Endcliffe Park and the Botanical Gardens. ‘Eccy Road’ is a great option for Hallam students, being situated about 10 minutes from both the Collegiate and City campuses and rent from £60 a week.


Sharrow Sheffield
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Sharrow has everything you need- with plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from. It is a firm favourite with Hallam students due to its location, only a 20 minute walk to campus and nearby Mountpleasant park. With prices ranging from £65 a week its many Hallam students go-to area.

3. Sheffield Hallam and University of Sheffield

City Centre

City Centre Sheffield
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The city centre is a short walk (10 mins) from both universities’ main campuses and with many shops, restaurants, clubs and bars it is the most accessible area to live in as a student.  However, the area is mainly reserved for luxury accommodation and apartments mainly inhabited by international or exchange students. This makes living costs pricey, starting at £90 a week and could mean you are quite far away from where most students live.


broomhill Sheffield
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Despite its similar name, Broomhill and Broomhall are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Broomhill is a residential, affluent area with cute cafes, charity shops and pubs. Just down the road from the University of Sheffield’s halls of residence and other popular student areas, Broomhill is a great place to live. One big advantage to Broomhill is that the route from campus does not include a huge hill so the 10-minute walk to uni, whether that is Hallam’s collegiate campus or the University of Sheffield, is a breeze. However, in comparison to the likes of Crookesmoor, Broomhill is on the more expensive side of student living outside the city centre with prices starting at around £70 per week.

Cost of living as a student in Sheffield

Cost of living as a student in Sheffield
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The average cost of university-owned halls: £102 per week

The average cost of privately owned halls or house shares: £50-115 per week

With all of the above estimates including bills, Sheffield is one of the UK’s most affordable student cities according to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Student Living Index (2019). Aside from accommodation, essentials such as travel and food are fairly cheap. For example, a student single bus ticket is always £1.

Beer, a student essential, is an average of £2.60 per pint, compared with London’s hefty £4.57 and the national average of £3. As you can see, drinking is quite cheap in Sheffield, with most club nights charging £5-7 per entry ticket. If you are savvy, you’ll drink enough at pres to avoid paying for drinks but if you have to, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Check out Tiger Works £5 pound round which includes a VK, a vodka mixer, a ‘Tiger Bomb’ and a sambuca shot.

If you fancy some shopping, Meadowhall and the Moor offer loads of high street shops. But, a money saving option is to visit some of Sheffield’s many charity shops. If you visit Broomhill, Crookes or the City Centre you’ll find loads of charity shops with a wealth of student’s old clothes so your next night out outfit doesn’t have to break the bank.

Student halls in Sheffield

University of Sheffield

In the first year, most Sheffield students live in university-owned accommodation after that most live in rented houses whilst most international students stay in private halls their entire degree. Whichever you prefer, here’s the rundown of the best halls in Sheffield.

The Endcliffe Village

The Endcliffe Village
Source: University of Sheffield 

Prices from: £102 per week.

The University of Sheffield’s biggest halls of residence, Endcliffe Village, better known as Endcliffe, is one of the top-rated halls in Sheffield with a 4.5 average rating. Endcliffe has its own shop, bar and restaurant as well as a lake, so resident’s needn’t go far, Endcliffe has everything you need.


Ranmoor student halls sheffield
Source: University of Sheffield Website

Prices from: £102 per week.

Another halls of residence for the University of Sheffield is Ranmoor. The quality of the flats is the same as Endcliffe but Ranmoor is smaller meaning it is much quieter. It too has a bar space, pool table and laundry service.  Each building is named after one of the Peak District’s many hills and as Ranmoor is situated on the road going out towards the Peaks, this is very appropriate. However, this location does mean that it is one of the furthest halls away from campus.

Prestige Student Living Crown House

Prestige Student Living student halls Sheffield
Source: Prestige Student Living Website

Prices from: £169 per week.

Crown House is the leading luxury option for Sheffield students. With a range of studios and apartments to choose from it is very highly rated with an average of 4.8 stars. There’s a private cinema, dinner party room, gaming booths, study area, fitness suite and lounge. They also have a 24 hour concierge service and host regular events throughout the year. With the perfect location for any student in the heart of the city centre, Crown House is an impressive option.

Student Roost- Sheffield 3

Student Roost- Sheffield 3 student halls
Source: Student Roost Website

Prices from: £89 per week.

Within walking distance of both universities this luxury accommodation is great for any Sheffield student. There, you can study in their dedicated study suite and in your downtime choose from lounging in the TV/games room, the outdoor courtyard or the common room. On the cheaper side for private halls this option comes in at just £89 a week.

LIV Student Accommodation

Liv student halls sheffield
Source: Liv Student website

Prices from: £165 per week.

LIV, based on Ecclesall Road, is a fifteen minute walk from both Sheffield Hallam and The University of Sheffield. As earlier mentioned, Ecclesall Road is a buzzing area perfect for students. You people watch with the large communal area is on the 9th floor with  great views of the city.  Like other luxury options, LIV has a programme of events throughout the year from guest speakers, cooking and fitness classes. This is accompanied by their gym, communal areas, roof terrace and pop ups from artists, making this accommodation the height of luxury.

iQ Student Accommodation

iQ Student halls Sheffield
Source: iQ student accommodation website.

Prices from: £114 per week.

Located next to Devonshire Green, close to both Hallam and the University of Sheffield, iQ is a desirable location for any student. Inside, there’s a games room, gym and cinema so you’ll never be short of something to do. They also provide an array of social events throughout the year making this a very sociable option.

Sheffield Hallam

Rockingham House

Rockingham House Student halls sheffield

Prices from: £106 per week.

Based just 15 minutes from both Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield, Rockingham House is a good, city centre base for all students.  It has all the facilities you could need such as laundry, bike storage, a common room and a gaming area. Access to this accommodation is restricted by key fobs and there’s 24 hour security meaning you’ll always feel safe.

Laycock Studios

Laycock Studios student halls sheffield

Prices from: £135 per week.

Another Student Roost property, Laycock Studios is only a 3 minute walk from Sheffield Hallam’s campus. There’s facilities such as a common room, gym, study room and courtyard, so there’s plenty of spaces to chill or study. As the name suggests, this option only offers studios, ranging from Gold to Bronze options which vary in size and quality.  Laycock studios is a great option for those coming to uni alone as they also organise a range of social events throughout the year.

Study Inn, The Moor

Study Inn, The Moor student accommodation sheffield
Source: Study Inn website

Prices from £138 per week

With kitchen and bedroom starter packs, this is a convenient choice for international students. The rooms range from deluxe to superior, but each have their own kitchen, desk, flat screen TV and double bed. In the communal areas there’s Sky TV and games, along with a gym. The central location makes it very convenient for Hallam students as it’s close to campus and all the city centre has to offer.

Sharman Court

Sharman Court student accommodation sheffield

Prices from: £110 per week.

Sharman Court is within walking distance of both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam and is highly rated by its visitors. There are studios and shared apartments with large, open-plan communal areas and with plenty of social spaces outside of the rooms and social events it’s easy to make friends.

The Elements

The elements student accommodation sheffield

Prices from: £127

Close to both universities, the city centre and an Aldi, this is the perfect location for students. There is a private courtyard, social spaces and a gym. Visitors report that the area is quiet but also social, so you can get a good night’s sleep or socialise into the small hours.

Wherever you choose to live in Sheffield, it is a great city with loads to do and a friendly atmosphere, so you’ll always feel at home.

Last Updated on June 10, 2024