Are you looking for something to do with your partner? Is your girlfriend complaining about never going out on dates anymore? Is your boyfriend looking terribly bored? Or maybe, you are having a special day come up, or maybe you are just trying to bring back the spark in your relationship. Making a relationship dynamic, and non-stereotypical can sometimes be a hard job to do. Sometimes we lose energy and interest, and maybe even commitment, especially when you are committed to multiple things at the same time, including your academic career. Creating ideas to have the perfect date can often take a toll on us and completely put us off the task… With that in mind, here is a list of 13 date ideas in Bath to make your relationship burn on fire again and regain your intimate connection in your couple.

1. The Botanist

date ideas in bath - the botanist
Source: Trip Advisor

One of the many favourites of Britain, The Botanist offers you a range of options in a very dreamy romantic location. Even though we are sceptical about chain restaurants, having a date at the Botanist will definitely take your breath away. The circular shape of the place allows for a very royal, yet cosy feeling. The twinkling lights will perfectly set the mood for a romantic date with your lover. It is set to make you fall head over heels for each other all over again. You can come for a really delicious brunch, an evening meal or for some casual night out over a bunch of drinks. On some nights, live music is offered, which will certainly top your experience.

Address: THE OCTAGON (NO 25 Part 46A Milsom Place & 28, Milsom St, Bath BA1 1BZ

2. Walcot House

Walcot House Bath
Source: Walcot House Facebook

When you are in the mood to try something new, Walcot House is the perfect place to try out. Walcot House is a restaurant and serves food throughout the day, however, in the evening it turns into a very fancy club every Friday and Saturday from 8 pm all through the night till 3 am. Walcot House offers live music and DJ Sets, with themed parties ranging from salsa to funk, hip-hop or RnB. Serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Walcot House is destined to give you a good time with your partner, whatever you decide to do.

Address: 90B Walcot St, Bath BA1 5BG

3. Spa at Twilight

date ideas bath - twilight spa
Source: Visit Bath

Looking to surprise your loved one with one of the most romantic experiences there possibly is? Thermae Spa in Bath is your top choice. By getting yourselves the spa package ‘Twilight at Spa’ for two, you get two 3-hour spa sessions, including a meal in the Spa Restaurant, complimentary drinks for two and of course, complimentary use of towels, robes and slippers. Watching the sunset at the top of the building in a roof pool is guaranteed to make our partner fall in love with you all over again! This is a unique treat to gift to your loved one and yourself, make them feel special and get all the relaxation you deserve.

Address: The Hetling Pump Room, Hot Bath St, Bath BA1 1SJ

4. Dark Horse

date ideas bath - dark horse
Source: Dark Horse

This pub is a family and friends created business, created from the ground up through close-knit ties and bare hands. Voted Top Ten Best Bars in the World by Tales of the Cocktail, the Dark Horse offers you a range of products, including liquors and spirits, and locally sourced beer and specially made platters filled with cheese, olives and a variety of meats. The interior has been made by local businesses or antique shops, making the Dark Horse filled with authenticity and a great atmosphere. If you are looking for some casual vibes, but great and stimulating surroundings, the Dark Horse is there to serve you.

Address: 7A Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AB

5. Restore body and mind at The Pod

date ideas bath - the pod
Source: Somerset Live

The Pod is a completely different, yet unique experience. Located at the Results: Body and Mind centre on Lower Bristol Road, The Pod is the centre for floating therapy. Floating therapy is a scientifically proven method for soothing the mind and the body, providing a range of benefits, including the decreased presence of cramps and increased neural function. Further, it is known to decrease anxiety and stress as well as increase creativity. The mechanism is easy: the increased presence of magnesium in the water in the pod, makes you float, just like in the Dead Sea. The Pod will relax you intensively. A single float costs around £55, which is relatively expensive; however, it is definitely worth the price!

Address: 73 Lower Bristol Rd, Bath BA2 3BG

6. Enjoy a Cider Tasting at The Stable

the stable bath
Source: The Stable Facebook

Located in the city centre, The Stable offers an eclectic mix of live music, vegan pizza, and cider tastings. Known for sourcing their ingredients locally, this venue is perfect for a relaxed evening spent indulging in hearty food and drink.

Address: 1-3, Westgate Buildings, Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AE

7. Stroll around parade gardens and relax at The Boater

The Boater Bath - best date ideas
Source: The Boater

After taking in the stunning beauty of the Parade Gardens, recharge at The Boater. This traditional pub, situated right on the water, is the perfect spot for enjoying simple food and local ales. It’s a great date idea for if you want something low key but still something nice. Kind of like trying without trying?

Address: 9 Argyle St, Bathwick, Bath BA2 4BQ

8. Unleash Your Inner Sleuth with CityDays Bath

bath date ideas
Source: City Days Bath

Offering an interactive scavenger hunt through the city, CityDays allows couples to solve riddles and uncover clues, all while taking in Bath’s lovely views. One of the best options is their Secret City treasure hunt around Bath, but there are different options to choose from.

Address: Sssh it’s a secret.

9. Sip signature cocktails at Circo Cellar Bar

Circo Bar Bath date ideas
Source: Circo Bar

Housed in a Georgian cellar, the Circo Cellar Bar is known for its decadent décor, velvet-clad seating, and an impressive range of drinks, from classic espresso martinis to innovative concoctions like “My Caramel Romance”. It’s a bar like no other, which makes it one of the best date ideas in Bath.

Address: 16 George St, Bath BA1 2EN

10. Go on a Brewery Tour at Bath Brew House

Bath Brew House
Source: Bath Brew House Facebook

If your ideas for a good date include craft beer, a tour of the Bath Brew House should be on your list. The Brew House produces its own beer onsite and offers a chance to learn about their brewing process. You can opt for a short tour or a full-day brewery experience, which includes lunch and a goodie bag. If you don’t fancy the experience, Bath Brew House is still a great place to hang out and they have great events too.

Address: 14 James St W, Bath BA1 2BX

11. Visit museums for a cultured date

Victoria Art Gallery
Source: Victoria Art Gallery

Bath is home to several museums that offer a fascinating glimpse into various periods of history. The No.1 Royal Crescent Museum, the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, and the Victoria Art Gallery, among others, provide engaging environments for couples to learn and engage in meaningful conversations.

Address: Multiple locations

12. Experience the art of gin making at The Canary

date ideas in Bath
Source: The Canary Bar

The Canary, one of Bath’s most renowned gin bars, provides a unique experience where couples can learn about the distillation process and even make their own bottle of gin. If you or your date love gin, or just want to try doing something fun in Bath this is a good idea. Plus, if it’s a first date, it saves having to have awkward conversations to start off the evening like if you’re just sat at a bar alone.

Address: 2/3 Queen St, Bath BA1 1HE

13. Explore Bath’s Architecture and Heritage through City Sightseeing Bath

hop on hop off bus date ideas Bath
Source: City Sightseeing Bath

See Bath from a fresh perspective through the eyes of a tourist. The Hop-on/Hop-off tickets allow for flexibility, ensuring that your date is full of exploration and adventure. It sounds a little touristy and cheesy, but it can be a fun way to get to know your city. Just choose a day that’s not raining too hard – although that could be quite romantic after all.

Remember, the key to a successful date lies not only in the activity but also in the shared experiences and the joy of discovering new things together. Whichever date ideas you choose, the city of Bath has a rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant food and drink scene, which make it the perfect backdrop for romance.