Deciding what you’re going to wear to a club is always one of the most stressful parts of a night out.

And in Bristol, each hallowed institution has a pretty unique vibe, making it even harder to style yourself to match the night.

With the variety of punters heading to clubs as different as Pryzm and Motion, or Lizard Lounge and OMG, you can see quite a diverse set of wardrobes staggering around the Triangle on any given night.

Not to worry, though. We’ve put together this guide on what to wear to a night out in each club in Bristol.



Credit: Facebook/Motion Bristol

As you can see from the above photos, the vibe you should really be going for in Motion is as sporty and edgy as possible. Bonus points for combining every sartorial choice you make with a Red Stripe as an accoutrement, and wearing sunglasses indoors. To be fair to these tank top-wearing punters, it does get pretty sweaty in Motion — everyone remembers the first time they thought it was rain falling from the ceiling…



Anyone who’s been to Lakota at least once, or even just seen the queue for a night like Tribe Of Frog, will know you can pretty much wear whatever you want. In fact, wearing WTF you want and producing the biggest WTF reaction is probably the name of the game here. As a guideline, maybe aim for a gap-year, travelling-across-South East Asia kind of style. You’ll fit right in.



Credit: Facebook/Pryzm Bristol

Ah, Pryzm. This is not where you’ll find the edgy kids toting Red Stripes and Amber Leaf pouches, as the above photos quite clearly prove. The name of the game here is dressing as inappropriately smart as possible, with bonus points for the more quasi-expensive brands you can don. You should aim for a sort of ‘we’re going on a stag or hen do in a fancy restaurant’ vibe. And who doesn’t love that?



Credit: OMG Bristol/Facebook

As Bristol’s premier gay club, it should come as little surprise that pretty much anything goes when you’re heading to OMG. You can be casual, smart, OTT or understated and you’ll fit in no matter what you’re wearing. Although based on these snaps, if you really want to blend in it seems you might need to get yerself a hat.



Credit: Mbargo/Facebook

Mbargo is pretty much the club of choice for any poor Bristol student, i.e. anyone in second year or upwards. Nestled away on the Triangle, Mbargo’s free entry makes it a top destination every day of the week. In terms of your apparel, there is a bizarre trend in Mbargo of leaving your coat on no matter how furiously you’re boogieing away. The closer it is to a puffer jacket, the better.

Lizard Lounge


Credit: The Lounge, Clifton/Facebook

Sorry, we mean, er, The Lounge, Clifton. The name of students’ most beloved Triangle stalwart, Lizard Lounge, may have changed, but your choices of finery when you pop down into its sticky-floored, Mr Brightside-bookended greatness doesn’t need to. As is painfully obvious in the above snaps, nobody at Lounge is about to set the fashion world on fire, not unless generic tops suddenly see a Federer-esque renaissance. You can wear any old thing to Lounge — you don’t want to sweat in your favourite garms while screaming along to another naughties hit, do you?

Pam Pam


Credit: Pam Pam Clifton/Facebook

Pam Pam is probably the poshest of the posh when it comes to Bristol clubs, and that’s saying something. Get on your dancing shoes, to quote Alex Turner, and deck yourself out in your fanciest-looking dress or your most obviously logo’d-up button-down and get ready to look like you’re paying for your drinks out of your trust fund. Because that’s the Pam Pam way!