With 10% of Europe’s population cutting out meat from their diet completely, vegetarian restaurants are becoming more common in our towns and cities. The city of Edinburgh is no exception. The Scottish capital is home to a wide array of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafés, many of which also cater to other dietary requirements as well as offering exciting and colourful meat-free dishes. So here are the top 10 vegetarian restaurants in Edinburgh.

1. Holy Cow

Holy Cow burger
Source: Holy Cow

This small café offers vegan, Fairtrade and organic dishes from their delicious menu. Their menu itself is based on what seasonal, local products are available, and it also has smoothies and desserts on offer. All of this amazing food is served in a fun and bright setting, making the entire experience at Holy Cow a cheerful and memorable one. This hidden gem also sells gluten free cakes and pastries.

2. David Bann Restaurant

David Bann Restaurant vegetarian places to eat in Edinburgh
Source: David Bann Restaurant Facebook

This well-known vegetarian restaurant serves vegetarian and vegan food in a stylish setting. You could order a takeaway from David Bann, but to do so would be to miss out on their splendid maroon décor and enjoyable dining experience. David Bann has a wide range of meat-free meals to suit everyone, as well as an even more extensive wine list to accompany them. The restaurant also has dairy and gluten-free options available, so they are able to accommodate just about any dietary requirement.

3. Novapizza Vegan Kitchen

Novapizza Vegan Kitchen Edinburgh
Source: Novapizza Vegan Kitchen Edinburgh Facebook

This Italian restaurant serves authentic vegetarian and vegan Italian food, mostly consisting of pizzas and pasta – no surprises there! You can book a table online, but keep in mind that Novapizza is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and it’s only open from 5pm during the rest of the week. The restaurant was the first of its kind in Edinburgh and even received The Scottish Food Awards & Academy Vegetarian Gold Medal in 2017.

4. Hendersons Restaurant

Meal at Hendersons
Source: Hendersons

This is an established vegetarian restaurant that really goes the extra mile for its customers. Hendersons goes by the slogan ‘Eat better, live better,’ and it’s clear that their standards are high.  The restaurant’s bakers make their organic loaves, scones and rolls fresh every morning, so you are greeted with an amazing smell as you enter the building. The restaurant hosts live jazz music on a Friday night, but their morning breakfasts are also not to be missed. With a range of fairtrade coffees and organic teas on offer, you could enjoy a delicious and filling morning meal. They even offer a 10% student discount! Henderson’s provides catering services for weddings and dinner parties, so it’s great to keep them in mind for a special occasion. They sell gift cards, too – worth remembering when it’s your friend’s birthday.

5. Kalpna

Kalpna dish
Source: Kalpna

Kalpna has been serving the people of Edinburgh for 40 years. Consequently, it’s now one of the most prestigious vegetarian restaurants in Edinburgh and is an excellent example of plant-based Indian food. It uses locally sourced ingredients and is well-known for its thali and lunch deals. There’s also a blog attached to the website, which contains some information on veganism and vegan dishes.

6. Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms Edinburgh- vegetarian food and restaurants in the city
Source: Paradise Palms Edinburgh

This restaurant is not only dedicated to providing tasty meat-free meals, but they are LGBT+ friendly and even run all of their venues and offices on 100% renewable energy. They have banned all single-use plastics from their premises and source their materials from local and ethical suppliers. As well as doing their bit for the planet, they produce American diner-inspired vegetarian and vegan food and even won the best vegetarian award in The Scottish Food Awards in 2017.

7. Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit Edinburgh
Source: Black Rabbit Edinburgh Facebook

This vegan deli and coffee shop offers a range of cupcakes, scones, chocolate, sandwiches and salads. Black Rabbit also does their bit to help the environment, running on 100% green electricity and using compostable takeaway packaging wherever possible. They will even reward you if you bring your own reusable coffee cup with a 10% discount on your purchase!

8. Soul Vegan

A dish from Soul Vegan Malaysian restaurant
Source: Soul Vegan

Soul Vegan is, as the name suggests, a completely vegan restaurant located on Richmond Street. It serves a variety of Malaysian cuisine, including curries, noodle dishes, and soups. They also offer a takeaway service, so you can have any of their dishes delivered directly to your home! Keep in mind that they’re closed on Mondays. Their opening hours change every day, so be sure to check in advance.

9. Seeds for the Soul

Seeds for the Soul breakfast spread
Source: Seeds for the Soul

Seeds for the Soul has always been 100% vegan. They offer an all-day breakfast with options to suit everyone: whether you prefer English muffins, fluffy pancakes, or sourdough bread with hummus, there’s definitely something on the menu for you. They also offer ‘seeds bowls’ for lunch: these can include falafel, spicy black beans, tofu strips, and so much more, depending on what suits your tastes. There’s a blog on their website where you can keep track of their latest news.

10. Sora Lella

Sora Lella Italian dish
Source: Sora Lella

Known as “the first 100% Roman vegan restaurant in Edinburgh”, Sora Lella is dedicated to serving meat-free versions of classic Italian dishes. They serve a wide range of pizzas and pastas, with a changing selection of specials based on seasonal ingredients. On their extensive dessert menu, you’ll find cheesecake, tiramisu, and affogato, among other delicious and completely vegan sweet treats.

So there you have it – these are the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Edinburgh. All of these restaurants serve delicious plant-based meals, which you’re sure to enjoy whether you eat meat or not. While you’re in Edinburgh, why not also check out the city’s best halal restaurants?

Last Updated on June 14, 2024