Edinburgh is home to a whole host of amazing and unusual places to visit. But for some reason, girls’ nights out can get a little predictable at times.

Shake things up a little by trying a new venue, because no one wants to get caught in the queue at the Hard Rock Café on a Friday night! Fear not, Unifresher have got a place for you, for every kind of night out.

1. For speakeasy vibes

For speakeasy vibes
Source: Panda & Sons Instagram

Where: Panda & Sons, 79 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4NF

Panda & Sons has an ageless feel so don’t be surprised if you see some people sipping expensive wine and aged malt whiskey, and others sampling cocktails. But if it’s the drinks that brought you in in the first place, it’ll be the quirky décor and menu that keeps you coming back for more.

2. For Latin American spice


For Latin American spice
Source: Las Iguanas Edinburgh Instagram

Where: Las Iguanas, 141-143 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JY

If you want a taste of summer in February, then look no further because Las Iguanas has the best piña coladas that you’ve ever tasted! Mixed with coconut milk, this creamy cocktail is a great way to wash down some awesome food. Las Iguanas also offer some really great student deals including 2-4-1 on cocktails at all times of the day.

3. For something sweet


For something sweet
Source: Candy Bar & Diner Instagram

Where: Candy Bar, 113-115 George St, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN

Sweet cocktails are a must on a girls’ night out, so Candy Bar is the number one place to go if you’re looking for a sugar rush on a Saturday! Their unique menu has a few options that aren’t so sweet, if you can’t handle the sugar sweats.

4. For fancy food and cocktails


For fancy food and cocktails
Source: Gusto Italian Instagram

Where: Gusto, 135 George St, Edinburgh, EH2 4JS

Gusto is the place to be if you want a swanky night out without breaking the bank. Their classy restaurant menu and extensive cocktails list will keep you busy for hours.

5. For a nightclub night out


For a nightclub night out
Source: Garibaldis Edinburgh Facebook

Where: Garibaldi’s, 97A Hanover St, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ

This list wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t at least one nightclub option — so why not try Garibaldi’s for a unique take on dating? Let’s just say the ‘you’re the bollocks’ neon lights sign is infamous in Edinburgh.

6. For food, glorious food


For food, glorious food
Source: Civerinos Official Instagram

Where: Civerinos Slice, 49 Forrest Rd, Edinburgh, EH1 2QP

If the food is more important to you on a girls’ night, then Civerinos Slice is the place for premier pizza in Edinburgh, and their dessert menu is heavenly. You’ll go in for pizza and leave after eating five courses!

7. For a movie night


Source: The Cameo Cinema Instagram

Where: Cameo, 38 Home St, Edinburgh, EH3 9LZ

Want to have some drinks and watch a movie knowing that if you go late enough, you and your gals will probably be the only ones? The Cameo can cater for that. The part-bar, part-cinema only has a few rows of seats in each theatre so you can spread out all you like.

8. For throwback Thursdays


For throwback Thursdays
Source: Dragonfly Cocktail Bar Instagram

Where: Dragonfly, 52 West Port, Edinburgh, EH1 2LD

If you’re looking to jazz up girls’ night then Dragonfly is perfect! With 1920s-inspired décor, this elegant little bar is the place to go if you’re feeling like you need a change. It’s not exactly in the centre of town, but totally worth the trek.

9. For gin enthusiasts


For gin enthusiasts
Source: Heads And Tales Instagram

Where: Heads & Tales Gin Bar, 1a Rutland Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2AD

Edinburgh locals know their gin, so they’ll know that Heads & Tales Gin Bar is the perfect place to get your juniper berry fix. Competition is pretty stiff in the capital too, so they must be doing something right with their gin masterclasses.

10. For beer aficionados

Where: The Hanging Bat, 133 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh, EH3 9AB

Not everyone likes cocktails, so if the pub scene is more to your liking then The Hanging Bat should hold a special place in your heart! With its bat-shaped beer taps and some unusual beers poured from them, this is beer heaven. So, why not get comfortable with a craft beer and catch up on a hectic week at uni?

Last Updated on June 13, 2024