Give yourself a pat on the back – you’ve survived the first month back after Christmas break. Surely that’s cause enough to celebrate, right? Well, why don’t you celebrate by doing one of these 10 things every Edinburgh student should do.

1. The King’s Wark the morning after a night out 

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This is the place to be after a wild night out, it hands down has the best breakfast in town! It is well known and popular amongst students, with a great atmosphere. Don’t finish uni without exploring this delicious place…

2. The Cat Cafe – Maison de Moggy


Uni can be super stressful, especially during the first year when your settling into a new city and meeting new people. Why not take the stress away by visiting this Cat Cafe. After all, it has been proven animals decrease stress. You can have a drink at Maison de Moggy and pet the cats at the same time… every cat lovers dream!

3. Sneaky Petes


If you’re into your indie music then this is the place for you. The club is pretty small but the vibes make up for it. They also have an awesome line up to suit most tastes.

4. Panda & Sons 

This place is a must-visit for anyone studying in Edinburgh. We would be surprised if you haven’t been already, or at least heard of the venue. It is a world of amazing cocktails and whiskeys in the basement of an old barbershop. You’ll find yourself staying way longer then you intended!

5. The Bruntsfield Links

If your a golf fan then this is the place for you. Bruntsfield is the fourth oldest in the world, founded in 1761. So enjoy some golf in this truly historical golf course.

6. Watch a movie at Dominion


The Dominion Cinema is an independent cinema located in Morningside. This is perfect for anyone who loves cosy movie night, everything is designed to make you feel super comfortable.

You’ll be welcomed to an old leather sofa with footrests. You can even take off your shoes to get super comfortable. A couch for two people costs £22 which is on par with modern cinemas. It’s ideal for a quirky date night, your date will definitely be impressed.

7. Climb Arthur’s Seat


If you’re into hiking then this one is for you. Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano which forms the main peak of a group of hills in Edinburgh. Once you’re at the top of the 251m high mountain, you’ll be able to enjoy the panorama view of Edinburgh.

It’s perfect if you’re looking for something to do that doesn’t cost anything!

8. Hit the slopes at Midlothian artificial ski slopes


If your a ski lover then this is a great place to come and practise your skills. Even if there is no snow, you can still get yourself down to Midlothian artificial ski slopes for just £12 an hour.