One of the joys of studying in Edinburgh is the abundance of clubs open to head into after a long day of classes and hard work. With so many to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to know where to get the best deals on what nights. Look no further, for here you’ll get every student club night every day of the week with some tips, tricks and recommendations. Always remember; when in doubt, Hive will sort you out!


To kick off the week, the two best choices are Flare Mondays at WhyNot and Juju’s Clubnight at Lulu. Entry into Flare Mondays isn’t the best at £5, but their LED and hip-hop and grime hits make up for it, not forgetting drinks which start at a pound. Its incredibly popular with first years but is usually pretty busy. Juju’s is one of the more exclusive nights out in Edinburgh, and there is always a race to get there first, so you’re best to get a table or your name on the guest list. Drinks are cheap with a tropical twist, and the music is a mix of everyone’s favourites.


There are a few options out there for a Tuesday night, but the most popular ones are consistently Milk at Opal and Tamagotchi at Subway Cowgate. Both are FREE entry which is an absolute plus and drinks are cheap but good. Tamagotchi is a throwback night with all the hits from the 80s/90s/00s whereas Milk known for last years meme pic is a mix of hip-hop and disco. Both great, both affordable, both a fun night out.


Wednesday is known as being usual sports and social night, but there’s still plenty of nights out to check out. Of all the places, you’re best to check out LOVE Wednesdays at WhyNot or Creme Soda at Lulu’s. Both have drinks starting at £1 and will always be full of students. Entry is £5 for both or £4 at Lulu’s if you’re on a guest list.


The best clubs on a Thursday night have to be Rascals at Bourbon and Skint Thursdays at the Liquid Rooms. Both are dominated by students and have a mix of dance music and some classic drum and bass. Drinks are cheap too, and they are both always busy, so you’re bound to have a fab time.


You’ll be spoilt for choice on a Friday night but believe me when I tell you the two best nights are Propaganda at the Liquid Rooms and Broke at Atik. Propaganda is the epicentre of soft boi alternative indie music, and entry is one of the cheaper options for a Friday at £5. Broke like the name would suggest is a bit cheaper at £2, music a mix of pop and hip-hop.


Saturday nights are pricey in Edinburgh, but there’s one place you can always be guaranteed to have a good time for a price that won’t break the bank. The infamous Big Cheese at Potterrow is the place to be on a Saturday when you’re a student. A night full of cheesy hits and singalong tunes, the long queue to get in is made worth it when your favourite tunes come on-and they will.


If you’re a Sunday sesher, there is only one place open for you to go. Hive is a mess, but it’s our mess. Singalong anthems, cheap drinks and free entry: what’s not to love?