We all know Leicester students can drink cheaply every night of the week, but what about eating?

After all, you’ll need something to line your stomach before all those £5 rounds at r/bar on a Thursday night and Pot Noodles don’t exactly count as a balanced meal.

So for something a bit more substantial and mouth-wateringly delicious, here are X outstanding meals in Leicester that will cost you less than £10.

Steak, steak, baby


What: 6oz rump steak
Where: Steak Out
How much: £9.95 and you get an entreé!

You’ll be hard pressed to find a decent steak for less than £10, let alone one that also comes with a first course. But for just £9.95 you can choose a starter of either cheese balls, buffalo wings or onion rings, before sinking your teeth into a juicy rump steak. Not bad for just a tenner.

Show me the veggies


What: Nourish bowls
Where: Grounded Kitchen
How much: £4.50

If you want any chance at saving yourself from freshers flu, you’re going to need to up your veggie intake. Eating healthy isn’t always the cheapest, but Grounded Kitchen makes it so easy and affordable! Choose from the Buddha bowls (vegan or vegetarian) or the Bulgogi Chicken & Avocado for a health food-packed meal under £5.

Not-so-teeny panini


What: Panini
Where: Peter’s pizzeria
How much: £4 on it’s own or £5 with a soft drink

A lunch deal best utilised to either soothe your hangover from the night before, or gear you up for a big night ahead. The carbs with give you energy while the delicious cheesy fillings will give you life. Build your own from a list of delectable ingredients or if you’re lazy go with their suggested combos.

Cheeky chicken wings


What: Chicken wings
Where: Plukd
How much: £6 for 10 chicken wings, £7.50 in a meal

Munch down on a bunch of some of the best chicken wings you’ll ever taste, with the choice of SIX different dipping sauces – condiment heaven. And if you’re feeling extra hungry, it doesn’t take many pennies to upgrade it into a meal either.

Fish ‘n chips for less


What: Fish, chips, pies, burgers, chicken
Where: Grimsby Fisheries
How much: Everything on the takeaway menu is less than £5

Fish and seafood is probably the one thing you don’t get enough of at uni, mostly because you don’t know how to cook it. Well, Grimsby’s takes that out of the equation by frying up some of the best the ocean has to offer (haddock, cod, scampi, mussels etc) for just a few squid. I mean quid. The ‘mini’ fish and chips for £4.50 isn’t so mini after all and would easily feed a starving student.

Bargain biryani


What: Biryani
Where: Nawaaz Indian Restaurant
How much: £5.90-£9.90

Guaranteed to be ten times tastier than your microwave meal, the biryani at Nawaaz comes served with a medium vegetable curry you’ll never want to see the end of. It’s filling, it’s flavoursome and comes with a choice of chicken, lamb, prawn or veggie. The perfect winter warmer.

American heaven


What: Burgers and fries
Where: Rockin’ diner
How much: £2.99-£4.99

If American’s are good one thing, it’s making burger and fries on a dime. For no more than a fiver you can choose from a list of 18 burgers that all sound as delicious as they are cholesterol inducing. Make your trip authentic by ordering the ‘Sloppy Joe’.